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Windows 11: you can finally easily uninstall Microsoft Edge and Bing

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Like Apple or Google, Microsoft had to make changes to its Windows operating system in order to make it compliant with the Digital Markets Act, the new European legislation which has applied since March. Obviously, compared to Apple, Microsoft is less impacted by the new legislation. For example, Windows already allows you to install apps that do not come from its official store and therefore. Additionally, Windows already allows developers to transact with users, without going through Microsoft.

Microsoft also makes concessions

However, despite the fact that “Windows is designed as an open platform for applications”, Microsoft was still forced to make some changes. And among the new features announced, for users in the European Economic Area, there is the possibility of uninstalling Microsoft Edge and Bing. “The Edge browser and Bing web search functionality have been redesigned so that users can uninstall these applications from Windows using standard Windows mechanisms available for self-uninstallation ;they choose to do so”, says Microsoft.

  • For Windows 11 users, simply to open the Start menu > All apps, find the app to uninstall, right-click, and select Uninstall
  • For Windows 10, you have to go to the Start menu, find the application to delete, then right-click and uninstall

Technically , it was already possible to uninstall Microsoft Edge from Windows 11. However, you had to be extremely determined to achieve this. According to a tutorial published by the XDA site in February, uninstalling Microsoft Edge from Windows 11 was done in 10 steps, and involved a modification to be made in the Windows registry editor. This tutorial is still relevant for users in the European Economic Area.

Windows search is no longer just for Bing

Moreover, soon, you should also be able to replace the Bing search, with another search engine, on the search field of the Windows taskbar. Microsoft indicates that it has provided instructions for web search applications that wish to provide this Windows search, instead of Bing. Similarly, instructions have been provided to allow developers to create information feeds on Windows Widgets.

The DMA also enforces a disconnect between Microsoft services. “Before DMA, Windows automatically connected users to other data-combining Microsoft products and services, including Edge, Bing, and the Microsoft “Start” service. (e.g. news, weather, etc.) when users were first logged into Windows. Windows will no longer automatically connect users to these services”, announces the Redmond firm.

  • Microsoft also had to make changes to Windows to make the operating system DMA compliant
  • The changes include a very easy way to uninstall Microsoft Edge and Windows Bing
  • Microsoft will also allow other search engines to occupy the Windows taskbar

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