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“A massive success”: Starlink is impressed with its satellite 4G

The satellite used by SpaceX to provide a direct connection to smartphones. © SpaceX

As you may already know, Starlink, SpaceX's satellite communications service, is preparing a new offering called Direct to Cell that will allow smartphones to connect through its constellation in areas that are not covered by traditional telecommunications infrastructures. The advantage of this new offer, compared to similar services, is that it simulates 4G networks, and is therefore compatible with any device that supports this technology.

The first satellites capable of providing a 4G network from space were launched in January and currently SpaceX is testing this communication. For the moment, Elon Musk's company is very satisfied with the performance of Direct to Cell. In a letter sent to the FCC, the American telecommunications regulator, SpaceX speaks of a “massive success”, and indicates that the first tests have either met or exceeded the objectives set. Thus, the company is maintaining its schedule for the commercial launch of Direct to Cell in the United States, starting this year.

Compatible with Samsung, Google Pixel, iPhone, etc. .

The document, published by FCC, also gives some details on the tests carried out by SpaceX. This indicates, for example, that its satellites were able to communicate with Samsung, Google Pixel and iPhone smartphones, using the PCS G Block spectrum. These smartphones have not undergone any modification, and the tests were carried out under different conditions: urban areas, rural areas, indoors, outdoors, clear sky, under trees, etc.

Alternatively, SpaceX has already posted about X using Starlink's Direct to Cell connection. It also has different messaging platforms, including SMS, X messaging, as well as WhatsApp. As a reminder, SpaceX plans to support satellite texting starting this year, followed by calls, mobile data and the Internet of Things in 2025.

On the other hand, Starlink's new offer is not intended to replace telephone operators. SpaceX instead works with these to supplement their network coverages. In the United States, the company works with T-Mobile.

  • Starlink is preparing a new offer which will allow smartphones to have a 4G connection in white areas
  • After the launch of the first satellites capable of connecting directly to smartphones, Starlink conducts its tests
  • In a document, it evokes a massive success and indicates that the tests have achieved or exceeded the set objectives
  • The connection was tested on unmodified Samsung, Google Pixel and iPhone, under different conditions: indoor, outdoor, etc.

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