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The Wallet on Android smartphones becomes much better than on iPhone

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Whether you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone, your smartphone's Wallet allows you to centralize your boarding passes, tickets and other tickets in a centralized location – easily accessible from the device's locked screen.

On iPhone, adding is generally manual – Once a purchase confirmation is received, the ticket is available with a link allowing you to add it to your Wallet. Which is already simple and practical enough, but Google is doing better on Android smartphones.

Google Wallet is updated with a very useful feature

Indeed, in the latest version notes of Google Wallet, we learn that a new feature is arrival in the ecosystem: automated addition of tickets received by email. Google explains that adding these tickets in this simplified way will also work for movie tickets.

As long as a confirmation email containing a compatible ticket is received in the Gmail box saved on your device. However, we can expect that this will not yet work in 100% of cases, while all ticket-issuing providers adapt their confirmation processes.

In recent months Google has rolled out several updates aimed at improving the Wallet experience. Recently it became possible to add your tickets to a smartwatch under WearOS – which made it possible to make up for the small delay that Google had over Apple on the issue.

By continuing to innovate, Google continues to strengthen its lead over its long-time competitor. On one hand the Android experience is often more complete and customizable, but on the other, with its more locked and captive system, Apple has in some cases been able to more easily push certain of its native applications and services to users.

Enough to create unified experiences more quickly like Apple Wallet – which will soon make it possible to add secure titles such as driving licenses outside the United States.

The firm explains that the functionality currently being deployed server side should gradually appear among users. Google usually deploys new features on its applications and services by groups of users, so as not to overload its servers.

To maximize your chances of seeing the function arrive quickly, we recommend that you update the Google Wallet application by clicking on the link below or by going to the Play Store.

  • Download Google Wallet
  • Google announces a major new feature on Wallet, the firm's native application allowing you to centralize your tickets, tickets and even your hotel keys.
  • The feature is simply the automated addition of these titles, the moment they are received in your Gmail inbox.
  • Adding some thoughtful features along the way In recent months, Google's solution to centralize tickets is really starting to push Apple into the background.

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