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iPhone 17: why should we wait for a gain in autonomy in 2025?

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In recent years, Apple has made great efforts to improve the battery life of the iPhone. And in the not too distant future, things could get even better. For the moment, there is no talk about the use of new types of batteries by Apple. However, in a recent publication, the famous analyst Ming Chi Kuo mentions a new technology, for the motherboard, which could reduce the space occupied by it. However, if Apple manages to reduce the space occupied by a component, it can use the surplus for other components, such as the battery.

More precisely, Kuo's post indicates that Apple could use a material called Resin Coated Copper (RCC) for the motherboard. “RCC can reduce the thickness of the motherboard (i.e. save internal space) and facilitate the drilling process, because it does not contain fiberglass”,he explains. For the moment, according to the analyst, the RCC is still too fragile, which is why it should not be used for the motherboard of the iPhone 16 in 2024.

On the other hand, the analyst predicts that if Apple and the main supplier manage to improve the technology by the third quarter of 2024, the iPhone 17s of 2025 could well benefit from this improvement. If that happens, Apple would then have the opportunity to use the saved internal space to offer larger batteries, which will improve battery life.

What about the iPhone 16? ?

Obviously, at the moment, the rumors about the iPhone 16 are more interesting and more numerous than those about the iPhone 17, which will only be released in two years. And precisely, on the subject of the 2024 iPhones, Kuo also published a blog post a few days ago.

More precisely, this widely followed analyst indicated that next year, Apple will equip the iPhone 16 Pro and the iPhone 16 Pro Max with the tetraprism telephoto lens. This new component (for the iPhone) provides a clear improvement in optical zoom. But on the iPhone 15 series, this component is only offered on the iPhone 15 Pro Max, but not on the iPhone 15 Pro. It is also partly thanks to this new feature that the iPhone 15 Pro Max is, to date, the second best smartphone on the market for taking photos and videos, according to DXOMARK tests.

< p>But of course, at the moment, these are just rumors. And therefore, caution remains in order.

  • According to analyst Ming Chi Kuo, it is possible that the iPhones of 2025 will use a new type of motherboard more end which will save space
  • However, such a gain could for example be used to increase the capacity of the battery
  • Concerning the iPhone 16 Pro and the iPhone 16 Pro Max, both models could benefit from the tetraprism telephoto lens

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