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iPhone users, beware! TikTok asks for sensitive information!

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The famous Chinese platform will not be its first controversy. We think in particular of the crazy number of authorizations that it requires from its users to function correctly. From the point of view of the United States, the application would even be an organ of espionage for China. This time, it is iPhone users who are affected by a security problem. Some rather lively conversations take place on Reddit; like this one ; and reveal, in fact, that TikTok sometimes requires the PIN code of iPhones to be used.

A more than suspicious request

According to the numerous testimonies that have spread on Reddit, the application therefore required the phone's lock code before being executed. An unusual requirement, even downright suspicious, when we know the value of our personal data, especially if it falls into the wrong hands.

Recently, a cybercriminal admitted to stealing between $300,000 and $2 million by simply observing users entering their PINs on their phones. He then took control of the phone a few minutes later, and all he had to do was use it.

Of course, TikTok is not here to steal your phone, but requiring the PIN of certain users is really questionable. Particularly when it comes to a company like this, which is already raising some issues regarding the abusive collection of personal data.

< h2>Reactions and solutions

Faced with this rather particular situation, reactions vary greatly. Some claim that the recent update 32.5.0 of TikTok for IOS completely fixed the problem. However, other people maintain that the problem remains despite the update.

Many TikTok members, a little panicked by the update. ;incident, rushed to change all’all of their passwords on their banking applications or other financial services.

Other users advocate a more radical approach: removing the application and reinstalling it. The manipulation seems to work. It also appears that, in some cases, it is possible to refuse to enter the PIN when it is requested by pressing “cancel“.

So, software bug or really undiscreet attempt to steal information< /strong> ? For the moment, TikTok has not reacted officially and has not provided any clear explanation on this subject. When you know the application's liabilities, it is better to play the card of caution. Always keep this golden rule in mind: no official application Android/IOS should ask you for your PIN, whatever the reason given .

  • TikTok is in the midst of a new controversy regarding its members using social media. application on iPhone.
  • For several days, testimonies on Reddit have highlighted the fact that the application asks certain people for their personal PIN code to run.
  • Some solutions were given by Internet users, but TikTok did not communicate on the subject.

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