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Internet plans skyrocketed in 2023, but there's some good news

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Inflation still weighs heavily on households in France. For several months, the French have seen their bills explode and have tried to save money where they can. In 2024, the mobile plan and the Internet box are two essential expenditure items.

In recent months, mobile operators and Internet service providers have almost all revised their prices upwards. Are the prices of mobile plans and Internet boxes as dramatic as we feared?? MonPetitForfait has just unveiled its barometer of prices for mobile and Internet offers in 2023.

Internet box prices on the rise…

A few months ago, we noticed that it was now complicated to subscribe to the Internet at a ridiculous price. Indeed, the study carried out by ZoneADSL&Fibre highlighted an average increase of 3.5% in the price of Internet boxes. She also noted colossal differences from one ISP to another. The MonPetitForfait barometer goes in this direction. In fact, the average price of an entry-level fiber internet subscription increased by 7.92% over one year. Including discounts and opening costs, an entry-level Internet box cost on average 30.92 euros per month in 2023. If we compare all the offers, we note an average increase of 9.04% with a price of 37.83 euros per month over one year.

Regardless of the speed chosen, the average price of an Internet offer has increased in recent months, according to Mon PetitForfait. Obviously, the differences are significant from one Internet service provider to another

What about mobile plans ? At the general surprise, the findings are not as catastrophic. In fact, it’s even rather reassuring. In 2023, the average price of a mobile plan fell by 10.34%, reaching 21.68 euros per month. To achieve this result, MonPetitForfait relied on mobile plans with and without commitment offering at least 15 GB of mobile data and unlimited SMS, MMS and calls, with the price of the SIM card and discounts included.

But what really stands out from MonPetitForfait's barometer of mobile and Internet offer prices in 2023 is that loyal customers are not necessarily rewarded. In fact, operators mainly focus on very attractive welcome offers. In order to win over new customers. But people who are already subscribers rarely benefit from discounts or better prices. It is therefore reasonable to encourage competition and not be afraid of moving from one operator to another. You will then benefit from the best prices and save money.

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