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2023, record year for sales of electric cars in France (despite a downside)

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The year 2023 may seem pretty good for electric car sales, but beware of pretense. According to a report from the Automobile Platform (via Automobile-propre) published Monday January 1, 2024, registrations of new electric cars increased by 16.1% compared to the previous year. A good figure, even if it should be noted that the year 2022 had been very complicated for manufacturers, against a backdrop of shortage of components – which has since been resolved.

The 2023 figure thus seems partly due to a catch-up effect, without the prospects for 2024 being really very encouraging for the sector. Indeed, despite purchasing incentive measures such as the famous €100 car, the combination of inflation which goes hand in hand with the reduction in household budgets, and the new aspirations of the French, more focused on ecology overall, favor longer retention of vehicles.

2023 is above all another year where electricity has strengthened

Thus, reaching the mark of 2 million registrations again, as was the case before confinement, does not seem to be happening any time soon. Unless the international context and a sharp increase in the price of fossil fuels pushed more French people to take the plunge. However, beyond the volumes, we are seeing real upheavals in the engines. If thermal engines resist, more than 50% of cars sold in France contain at least an electric motor (taking into account hybrid, PHEV, and electric cars together).

The market share of 100% electric cars also increased by 3.5 points, to stand at 16.8%. However, in brands, there are winners and losers. For the moment, it is the American Tesla Model Y which takes the number 1 place, just ahead of the Dacia Duster. Tesla was able to skillfully adapt the price of its sedan so that it benefits from the ecological bonus. Better: according to Automobile-propre, Tesla registered more vehicles in 2023 than Mercedes, BMW or even Ford with no less than 63,041 registrations.

2024 could, however, augur a reversal of the situation in favor of French brands. Indeed, the system “car leasing at €100 per month” must favor cars manufactured in Europe, essentially, and offered in a price bracket lower than the Tesla Model Y. That is essentially models like the Peugeot e-208, the future electric Citron ë-C3, or even the future Renault R5 which due out this year.

  • The year 2023 shows a particularly strong increase in sales of electric cars compared to 2022.
  • Everything indicates, however, that’ this is a catch-up effect after supply difficulties among all manufacturers.
  • The outlook in terms of sales volume remain timid for 2023, but we expect the shift in favor of electric to strengthen significantly next year – with undoubtedly even a rise in sales for French brands.

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