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Is Elon Musk overrated ? The surprising opinion of these great CEOs

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Each year, Fortune magazine compiles a list of America's Most Admired Companies. As part of this vast survey which allows us to question thousands of CEOs and analysts, our colleagues question CEOs about their peers to find out those whose reputation is overrated, and those whose management is not praised enough.

Elon Musk's false promises

For two years now, Elon Musk has been at the top of this inglorious list. During this edition, no less than 399 voters gave him their vote as the most overrated leader in the United States.

Several long-standing promises from the entrepreneur are among the main grievances addressed to the billionaire. For example, he has insisted for years on the idea of ​​creating a Martian civilization with the help of his rocket, Starship, in a journey to the red planet that would be carried out without a pilot. A version that NASA and other space experts do not buy, who believe that it is currently impossible to create an environment similar to that of Earth on Mars.

Elon Musk has also announced since 2016 that Teslas will benefit from fully autonomous driving within a few months. Most people no longer believe in it, and AI specialists believe that such a model will not see the light of day for several decades.

This unpopularity of the business leader can also simply be explained by the comments he regularly makes. During a conference where he was asked for his point of view on advertisers who are deserting Twitter due to content moderation deemed insufficient, he responded as follows:

If someone wants to blackmail me with advertising, blackmail me with money ? Fuck you. Screw you. Is it clear ?

In this annual ranking of overrated leaders of Fortune, Disney CEO Bob Iger is in second place. A position which is very unusual for the latter, but which illustrates the difficulties of the entertainment giant for several months.

It’s definitely a difficult time for Elon Musk who suffered a legal setback this week after the cancellation of a compensation plan adopted by Tesla. He could lose $56 billion in this affair. The judge orders the parties in this case to “to discuss among themselves to establish a final decision intended to implement this judgment” and “ to put an end to this matter at the trial level”. You can find out more by re-reading our dedicated article here.

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