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SNCF: what an increase for train ticket prices ?


Inflation definitely spares no one. To cope with the increase in its multiple costs, the SNCF is increasing the prices of its train tickets in 2024. This never feels good, but there are two elements to highlight. This increase is less drastic than in 2023 and, above all, this does not concern all the trains of the railway group.

While SNCF posted an average price increase of 5% in 2023, it should not exceed 2.6% this year. Which is rather reassuring. Although we suspect that travelers should not be jumping for joy at the moment.

In accordance with the group's promises, this increase should be lower than forecasts for inflation rates in France, namely 2.7% in 2024. Nothing is officially confirmed: the Ministry of the Economy has yet to give its approval . But this should be accepted in the coming days.

A price increase which does not concern all trains

Electricity, salaries, construction, tolls… Costs are exploding for the SNCF. Tolls are the bane of the railway group. While they are among the highest in Europe, representing up to 40% of the price of a TGV ticket, toll prices are expected to increase by 8%.

< p>The SNCF will therefore increase its prices. But some trains will be spared by this imminent increase. As Clément Beaune, former Minister of Transport, pointed out, “the train must be affordable and popular”. Faced with the climate emergency, it would be a question of remaining competitive in the face of the aggressive prices charged by certain airlines despite everything.

This new increase in SNCF prices only concerns 'part of the tickets. The prices of Intercités trains, which use mainline networks without being TGVs, and Ouigo, the SNCF low-cost offer, will be frozen. The TGV Inoui are fully affected by this inflation.

Like last year, the Avantage card is spared and continues to be displayed at 49 euros with a validity of one year. Please note that in August 2023, the Advantage card ceilings were increased. Thus, they remain at their new rates: 49 euros for a trip of up to 1h30, 69 euros for a journey lasting between 1h30 and 3h and 89 euros for journeys lasting more than 3h.

Finally, the SNCF seems to have limited the damage. But it is certain that this news will not be very well received by travelers. All that remains to be seen is whether the Ministry of the Economy will validate this increase. One thing is certain: to benefit from the most advantageous prices, it is better to be proactive.

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