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Your Nintendo Wii is gathering dust? Make it a Mac Mini!

© Luke Miani/YouTube

Launched in December 2006, Nintendo's now essential Wii (whose sales have exceeded 100 million copies worldwide) is able to replace your Apple computer. Indeed, the American videographer (and tinkerer) Luke Miani decided last year to transform the Nintendo console (in its initial version) into a perfectly functional Mac Mini M1. In this way, the Nintendo Wii can be used as a desktop computer running macOS. And we have to admit that it’s quite astonishing.

Transforming your Nintendo Wii into a Mac Mini M1 is possible!

Indeed, to succeed in converting his project into reality, Luke Miani first had to completely reverse engineer the Nintendo Wii, but also the Apple Mac Mini. To put it simply, the operation consists of transferring all the components of the Mac Mini to the Nintendo console, without sacrificing a single port or functionality.

This required some adjustments to the Nintendo console, with the shell having to be revised and corrected to properly accommodate Apple's components. Added to this is a revised ventilation system, as well as a power supply which has also been corrected, to allow the Mac Mini to operate at full speed. For this, a Microsoft Surface charger was requisitioned.

At the end of the operation, the American videographer could not be more proud to present this astonishing hybrid creature, with a Nintendo Wii that can proudly sit alongside the monitor to which it is now connected.

Better yet, thanks to the magic of emulation, the Nintendo Wii boosted with the Mac Mini is able to run the Dolphin emulator, which here allows you to play Wii games in 4K quality. The same goes for games from the GameCube generation, which have also been upgraded to a completely new resolution.

As for Nintendo, if the Wii remains a huge success for the Japanese firm, the latter has had to; has already been eclipsed by the Switch, which has reached more than 132 million copies sold since its launch in March 2017. Ultimately, the Nintendo Switch could well take the title of “< em>best-selling video game console in history“, dethroning a certain PlayStation 2.

  • Launched in 2006, the Nintendo Wii can now act as a game console. of Mac Mini!
  • The operation, however, requires a great mix of technique and talent
  • Enough to have a Mac Mini that is at the very least original (and 100% functional), while turning the Wii back on every morning

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