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Do you dream of working at Apple? Tim Cook presents his ideal candidate al

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How does recruitment work at Apple? In a BBC podcast hosted by British singer Dua Lipa, Tim Cook has just answered a question that thousands of candidates are asking.

From the outset, the leader of the Cupertino firm specifies that its company does not only target qualified profiles and graduates from major universities to design its new products. On the contrary, candidates from “all backgrounds” are hired, including people who don't know how to code when they arrive. However, he recommends having knowledge in this area.

Curious candidates sought

However, Tim Cook hopes that these newcomers will bring something more to the apple brand:

I think one of the characteristics I look for in people is collaboration. Can they really collaborate? Do they deeply believe that one plus one equals three? It's an incredible feeling to work with people who bring out the best in you, and fundamentally, we all believe that one plus one equals three. Your idea plus my idea is better than individual ideas.

The boss of the Tech giant wants to employ curious people who do not hesitate to ask questions about how it works and how to think of his interlocutors. Creativity is also a sought-after quality.

If you recognize yourself in the portrait drawn by Tim Cook, nothing is stopping you from taking a look at the Cupertino company's website which lists current job offers. As a reminder, the manager himself imposes iron morning discipline.

We know that he gets up every day at 3:30 a.m. to check his emails. Around 5 a.m., he goes to the gym. He also got into the habit of having breakfast at a nearby Starbucks, before really starting his work day. Known for organizing very long meetings, Tim Cook is demanding of his colleagues.

What do you think of the Apple CEO's demands, and do they seem wise to you? Feel free to give your opinion in the comments.

What to remember:

  • Tim Cook says he recruits candidates from all backgrounds, including those who do not know how to code
  • It targets above all curious personalities who like to work in a team
  • The manager binds himself to iron discipline in his daily life to hold the reins of the Tech giant

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