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Isaac Brouillard Lessard’s psychiatrists interviewed

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On the second day of the public inquiry into the death of police officer Maureen Breau, psychiatrists testify. (Archive photo)

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On the second day of hearings of the commission of inquiry into Maureen's death Breau, psychiatrist Marc Tannous, who followed Isaac Brouillard Lessard, was questioned intensely about the decisions taken in the management of his patient's case, after his departure from the hospital in March 2020.

Dr Tannous was a psychiatrist at Saint-Jérôme hospital when he was entrusted with the case of Isaac Brouillard in 2019 Lessard, when he was leaving the Philippe-Pinel National Institute of Forensic Psychiatry.

He was asked several questions about how dangerous his patient was and asked if he had listened enough to his parents, who were worried about his condition .

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Isaac Brouillard Lessard, 35 years old

He claimed that his assessment of the patient indicated that there were enough protective factors around Isaac Brouillard Lessard not to judge him to pose a danger.

According to Dr. Tannous, his patient's mother was very involved in her son's medical care. She expressed her concern to the professional in December 2021.

She told him that she had noticed social instability and that she suspected a psychotic relapse.

This convinced Dr. Tannous to follow up with his patient by phone. Above all, the professional notes distress. He doesn't feel unstable. The patient projects himself into the future, he explains. He concludes that he does not represent imminent danger.

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The situation was not optimal, but she was stable, says Dr. Tannous.

Ten days later, Isaac Brouillard Lessard attacked the concierge of his building, an action that coroner Géhane Kamel described as rare violence, which she was able to see on video recording.

During his testimony, Dr. Tannous will place a lot of emphasis on the powers and legal levers that 'he doesn't.

I cannot request involuntary hospitalization based on concerns , he repeats several times.

Dr Tannous insists: he must represent a serious, real and immediate danger to society, a criterion which was not met, according to the professional.

After the attack on the janitor, Dr. Tannous still maintained his medical judgment regarding the dangerousness of his patient.

Throughout the patient's medical follow-up, Dr. Tannous judges the medication intake to be consistent with requests.

However, the mother suspects to a certain point that he is no longer taking them and notifies the psychiatrist. The coroner explains that we learned later that he had not taken his medication for over a year.

For this second day of the commission of inquiry, the testimonies of another psychiatrist and a nurse are planned.

Dre Marie-Frédérique Allard, who is a psychiatrist at Shawinigan hospital, briefly met Isaac Brouillard Lessard while he was hospitalized in the psychiatric ward in 2017.

She remembers that the patient could be calm, then suddenly become explosive.

During a meeting with Isaac Brouillard Lessard, he attacked her with the table he was using Office.

The psychiatrist described during the hearing the attack as sneaky and sudden. She escaped with bruises.

Since these events, Dr. Allard's office has been bolted to the floor.

During Dr. Allard's testimony, coroner Géhane Kamel made a link between this explosion of anger and the police intervention which led to the death of Maureen Breau.

When the police arrived at Isaac Brouillard Lessard's house on March 24, 2023, when he had sent almost 500 threatening text messages to his mother, they found him calm. And did not judge that they had grounds to arrest him.

Three days more Later, he fatally attacked Sergeant Maureen Breau and injured another police officer with a knife.

With information from Marie-Ève ​​Trudel

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