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Job interview: here is the mistake you should never make when finding a job

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What are the mistakes to avoid when having a job interview? To answer this question that many candidates ask, the Ringover company commissioned a very interesting survey. No less than 1,147 recruiters were interviewed to find out what horrifies them most about a person applying.

Avoid delays

35.8% of respondents indicated that the main criticism they could make of a candidate is Arrive late for an interview. Obviously, no excuses seem appropriate during such a meeting, and recruiters believe that this is the worst mistake you could make.

According to Jeff Hyman, an executive recruiter for 27 years consulted by CNBC, a mere 5 minute delay can already weigh in the balance. “Being late is a huge turn-off, because it signals rudeness or a big ego, or incompetence and poor planning”, asserts the expert.

He provides valuable advice should such a mishap happen: “It happens, and most people understand if you have a good reason to ;#8217;being late, whether you had a flat tire while driving or your internet connection was cut off unexpectedly. Not recognizing the elephant in the room at all is much less productive.” It is therefore appropriate to apologize by briefly explaining the problem encountered, then move on to the rest.

Note that the absence of visual contact with the interlocutor is also frowned upon by 33.7% of participants in this study. Among the other complaints addressed to job seekers, we also find the lack of politeness towards other employees (30.8%), inappropriate clothing (29.6%), or forgetting the CV (26.4%).

Say this sentence to score points

In addition to these mistakes to avoid, we recently relayed this tip shared by career expert, Erin McGoff. She suggests that candidates focus their presentation on the phrase: “What excites me about this work is…”

Why ? According to the analyst, this will make your interlocutor understand that you are not in a desperate situation. On the contrary, you are ready to accomplish your mission and you have thought about your goals. Likewise, you seem to want to integrate into the collective of the company, which can reassure a manager.

What to remember:

  • A survey allows us to find out the candidate behaviors that most irritate recruiters
  • Arriving late for your appointment is very frowned upon
  • You should not panic, however, and briefly apologize to move on

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