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Just check this setting and your phone will be twice as fast

“Just check this setting and your phone will be twice as fast”

Your phone is showing a bit of wear and tear over the years? There is a very simple method for accessing your phone. improve its operation and make it twice as fast.

A smartphone is a bit like a human. The older it gets, the more it takes its time. This is why it is often recommended. to change your phone regularly as soon as yours starts to die. become obsolete or obsolete blame the weight of the years. But did you know that there is a hidden trick within Android phones to double their speed ? We'll tell you explains everything.

By default, a smartphone has a content display speed of x1. This means that the actions you carry out with it are ;display à a "normal" speed and provided by the manufacturer of your device. If this speed now seems too slow for everyday use, there is a way to speed it up, but this option is well hidden within the settings. egrave;tres of your smartphone.

Just check this setting and your phone will be twice as fast

Please note that this functionality is only available on Android phones. The trick is unfortunately not yet possible on Apple devices and the brand does not seem to want to include it in the near future. To change the display speed, you must first go to the settings of your Android smartphone. Then identify the "About the phone" section. which is usually at the bottom of the settings. You should find the rest of the procedure there under the heading: "Build number". This is the current version of Android that is installed and running on your telephone.

Once you have found the "Build number", tap it 7 times. This manipulation, as incongruous as it is hidden, allows you to activate the build mode The developer of your phone and unlock several new options. Your smartphone will generally ask you to confirm your operation and to enter the device's password to ensure that it is secure. ;#39;acts well with its owner.

Once you have configured your phone in developer mode, you will be able to head to the "Sys& ;egrave;me". The three options that interest us are: "Window animation scale", "Window animation scale' transitions" and 'Animation duration scale'. By default, these three scales are set to on a speed of x1. Modify these to install them at 0.5x which will double the speed of the animations on your phone.

And there you have it! You now have a much faster phone than before. Keep in mind, however, that this trick is not magic and that it only speeds up the animations on your device. nbsp;A phone that is too old and very slow will not reach as high a speed as an older smartphone. recent. We can only advise you enough to keep a device regularly in use. day. 

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