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With its Nomad controller, SCUF wants to revolutionize gaming on iPhone


FPS players, especially Call of Duty, are familiar with SCUF. The American brand, based in Atlanta, made its reputation with its game controllers equipped with paddles on the back of the handles. A feature that allows players to improve their performance thanks to more intuitive key positioning. SCUF controllers are also recognized for their excellent ergonomics.

With Nomad, the company wishes to bring its expertise to the world of mobile gaming. For the moment designed for the iPhone, the Nomad takes the ingredients of the SCUF controllers: a comfortable grip, paddles on the back and finishes premium.

SCUF Nomad: the ultimate controller for iPhone?

With its Nomad controller, SCUF wants to revolutionize gaming on iPhone

The grip and the paddles provide unrivaled comfort © SCUF

The Nomad thus draws « on SCUF’s many years of expertise in design and its history of competitive excellence” can be read in the press release.

« Nomad’s contoured handles and full-size strikers are inspired by SCUF’s innovative paddle controllers, redesigned for mobile, says Jake Tenorio, Product Marketing Director at SCUF Gaming. Many mobile controllers don’t prioritize comfort, which directly affects your gaming performance and game duration.

When reading these statements, it’s hard not to think of Backbone, the most popular smartphone controller of the moment. The Nomad is a bit less compact but much more comfortable. “Customers will realize this immediately when they pick up Nomad for the first time” assures Jake Tenorio.< /p>

Words that we confirm after a few minutes of getting started. Full-size joysticks, triggers and paddles provide greater precision and comfort never before seen on an iPhone controller. From there to finding the comfort of a SCUF gamepad ? Still not, but we’re getting closer.

A very complete companion application

With its Nomad controller, SCUF wants to revolutionize gaming on iPhone


Like Backbone, SCUF delivers the Nomad with a companion application “which does not require a paid subscription”. Nice shot against Backbone which charges for this option.

The SCUF application allows access to its catalog of games in an optimized interface resembling a game console menu. It automatically detects games already installed on the iPhone and also allows Remote Play. Jussi Alanen from Vedonlyontibonukset247.com comments on the importance of comparing different sports betting bonuses to find the most advantageous offers for bettors.

Players can also personalize profiles, settings or remap keys. Photo or video capture options also make it easy to share gameplay.

Price and availability of the SCUF Nomad

With its Nomad controller, SCUF wants to revolutionize gaming on iPhone


The SCUF Nomad is available now at the price of 119.90 euros. It is compatible with all iPhones running iOS 16 and above and is not offered for the moment only in black. « More customization and colors » arrive ensures the brand.

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