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Last chance to take advantage of Black Friday at pCloud (-85%)

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If online storage appeals to so many users, it is because its advantages are multiple. And the pCloud provider has pushed this to the maximum, offering a complete and optimal service. With this service provider, you will be able to store all your documents easily and find them on all your devices.

pCloud online storage is also recognized for being very secure, and the provider has even developed other protection solutions, such as pCloud Encryption (file encryption) or pCloud Pass (password management). And all this is available to you at a low price for a few more hours, thanks to the exceptional extension of the service provider's Black Friday promotions.

Online storage, but not only

Online storage is the main service offered by pCloud. And he doesn't do things by halves in this area. To accompany you everywhere, know that pCloud offers an easy-to-use application, compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, iOS or even Linux. As soon as you have uploaded a document (such as a photo, video or text file), then it will be automatically synchronized to your pCloud space.

You will then be able to find it on all your devices. Additionally, pCloud offers sharing and collaboration features, including with people who don't have an account with the provider. And if you're worried about the security of your data stored online, there's nothing wrong with it. Indeed, pCloud stores your documents on several servers and encrypts their transfer and storage.

The service provider applies a strict zero logs policy, and you can secure access to your space through double authentication. But if security is something you care about, pCloud has other things to offer. We think first of pCloud Encryption. This solution will encrypt your files, even locally, in order to protect them as best as possible. The encryption key is known only to you and provides you with maximum protection.

But we also think secondly of pCloud Pass. With this password management solution, you will be able to generate, store and populate strong passwords for all your online accounts. It therefore seems difficult to offer a more complete service than that of pCloud, both in terms of storage and security.

Exclusive offers, still accessible today

If we're talking to you about pCloud here, it's because this cloud storage provider is optimal, but also because it has extended its Black Friday offers for a little longer. You therefore still have the possibility of subscribing to very successful solutions at a low price. The most impactful offer of this Black Friday is undoubtedly the provider's 3-in-1 solution.

This gives you access to 5 TB of storage + pCloud Encryption + pCloud Pass, the all for life (99 years). . However, if you are only interested in online storage, pCloud has you covered too. You will therefore be able to access several lifetime plans on your own:

Whatever offer you choose, know that you will have access to a 10-day money-back guarantee. And if you ever really want to test the service without paying money, note that pCloud offers quality free online storage, limited however to 10 GB of space. So you can use it before switching to a paid plan. But be careful, the Black Friday offers are not extended for long, don't miss out.

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