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Stranger Things: this silent threat hangs over season 5

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Stranger Things was launched in 2016 on Netflix, and filming on the series started even earlier. At that time, the actors of this original creation were still children, and they have since become adults. This is one of the concerns that the film crew must manage for season 5, which will be the last. Indeed, Eleven and her gang are only supposed to be three years older between season 1 and season 5.

Hair, makeup and wigs will be out

This The problem of consistency was precisely addressed by the producer of the saga, Shawn Levy, in an interview with Variety. The manager thus confirmed this problem: “We have already seen the actors of our series grow in the public eye. and between the ages of 12 and 22, every human being changes profoundly”.

He does not appear particularly worried, and for good reason: “Our health services hair and makeup and dressing up are quite exceptional, they use costumes, wigs and makeup.”

Another asset in the hands of the production: the fact that the series takes place in a particular period: “The 80s are also our friends in giving these young adult actors their emblematic Hawkins characters. We are therefore going to use all the tools at our disposal”.

In 2022, the question had already been asked to actors Noah Schnapp and Gaten Matarazzo. The last one explained as follows:

It's something we're always thinking about, but it's something we're handling pretty well, I think. The characters are at transitional times in their lives… it's crazy to see what we all looked like when we started.

Noah Schnapp confirmed his words: & #8220;I remember in the second season they told me I had to lower the tone of your voice, I had to speak at a different level and sound smaller, I said, “I can't not do that, I'm not like that anymore.”

It remains to be seen when season 5 will be released. Netfix still hopes it will be in 2024, but the actors' strike in Hollywood delayed filming for a very long time. Shawn Levy emphasizes: “I know our actors are as eager as we are to get back to work”. The recovery is starting, that's the main thing.

For your part, do you think that the age of the actors in the series could be a problem? Tell us in the comments.

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