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Linky: Enedis risks forcing you to save electricity

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It is a series of experiments carried out by Enedis which should provoke a lot of reaction. In fact, the French electricity network manager will soon limit the power of Linky meters in certain homes. The idea is to know the real impact of a temporary power limitation on the electricity consumption of the French.

An experiment to avoid the worst

This will take place in Puy-de-Dôme where 200,000 households are affected. Of course, the latter will not be plunged into darkness, but will see their flow rate drop from 6 or 9 kVa (kilovolt-amperes) to only 3 for two hours. In exchange for their participation in this test, consumers will however receive a 10 euro discount on their next bill, specifies our colleague from Journal du Geek.

But why carry out such an initiative? The objective is to anticipate a risk of saturation of the French electricity network. Currently, load shedding consists of a total interruption of power to a sector for two hours. The repercussions are major for the people and organizations concerned.

With this alternative of a partial reduction, the impact on individuals would be much less. So refrigerators would still work, as would electric locks or home lighting. However, it is possible that certain devices will not withstand this drop in power, and choices will undoubtedly have to be made.

And if the hypothesis of load shedding seemed relevant during the winter of 2022-2023, this is indeed a dark scenario, and other measures are planned before arriving at this scenario. This is the case with voltage drops, the import of electricity from neighboring countries, or the mobilization of production capacities.

The Linky meter has a bad press

As a reminder, the Linky meter does not have a good reputation among part of the population in France. Some also accuse it of inflating their electricity bill. We recently told you about this misadventure experienced by a resident of Charente-Maritime.

Following a bug, his bills exploded with an increase of 4000 euros! After a very complicated journey and multiple reminders, Enedis took years to return his dues and apologized to him. You can always reread our article on this subject here.

What to remember:

  • Enedis will limit the power of certain Linky meters for experimental purposes
  • 200 000 households are concerned. Everyone will benefit from a reduction of 10 euros in compensation
  • The idea is to avoid total power cuts in the event of saturation of the French electricity network< /li>

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