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LIVE. Death of Bernard Pivot: illness stronger since his withdrawal from Goncourt

The writer and presenter Bernard Pivot died at at the age of 89 following an illness. He had transmitted his passion for words à the whole of France, for decades.

The essential

  • The writer, presenter and journalist Bernard Pivot died this Monday, May 6, 2024 in Paris. at the age of 89 following an illness. 
  • Creator of the show "Apostrophe" on Antenne 2 and president of the Académie Goncourt, he also presented the show "Bouillon de culture" and organized à From 1985, the Dicos d'or, a spelling championship that became international.
  • Loving letters, sport and wine, he wrote numerous works on his different passions.
  • "I left' le Goncourt in December 2019. My health problems have started straight after, in January 2020" he explains in an interview with JDD in April 2023.
  • "I stayedé silent because evil struck me à the head, seat of the brain and speech. Better to remain silent while waiting for the memory to recharge and the thought to flourish again. he confided, with restraint.


17:36 – "We met him à the library", testifies to the mayor of Quincié-en-Beaujolais

Bernard Pivot lived for a good part of the year in Paris. Quincié-en-Beaujolais. Le Progrès collected the testimony of the mayor, Daniel Michaud, who expressed his sadness. "Everyone is going to be sad. It was someone from the village. He came to do his shopping. We met him à the library. He gave a lot of books, he told the regional newspaper. Maryse, volunteer at the library of Quincié-en-Beaujolais, adds: "We feel sadness, it’s someone we saw often. He came à the library, always very smiling and very friendly. We had a meeting today to find out what we were going to do this month, the next activity is already found.

17:02 – The reaction of the Académie Goncourt à the death of Bernard Pivot

The Académie Goncourt has published a press release to mourn the disappearance of its former president, undoubtedly the most emblematic in the history of Goncourt. "Without respite, he devotedé a smiling energy to the influence of our missions, both in France and abroad. abroad. It is with tenderness, brotherhood and emotion that we will remember him as a learned but never pedantic being, for whom camaraderie, good humor and good living & “were values ​​as important as literary excellence,” writes the Academy, saluting its “unfailing commitment to the service of the world of letters", as well as “his honestyé and its high morals.

16:49 – When Bernard Pivot spoke of his "ideal death"

The literary journalist made humor about the day of his death. A keen media connoisseur, he knew that when the day came, the press would inevitably have a word for him. Perhaps he did not imagine what happened. to what extent his death would cause a wave of emotion in the country. The moment of death was also a subject that the journalist and presenter addressed regularly and with detail. ;lèret&eac; with his guests in the show Bouillon de culture. It was even the conclusion of Proust's famous questionnaire that Bernard Pivot submitted to his interlocutors à the end of each show: "If God exists, what would you like, after your death, to hear him say to you ?&quot ; Bernard Pivot himself responded to this question, and had imaginedé a meeting arranged by the Lord with William Shakespeare.

16:28 – A "gigantic bridge" for Alain Mackambou

For his part, the writer Alain Mackambou pays homage to a "gigantic bridge", "one of those mediators for whom I would say that in Europe also an old man who dies is a library that burns down! the".

16:27 – "He made us intelligent" confides Jean-Pierre Foucault

"He knew how to make us love books, writers! The joy of watching him à television… He made us intelligent, put us at ease. its scope. Thank you Bernard Pivot!" éwrites host Jean-Pierre Foucault on reading" for Patrice Duhamel

"He was a rock star of reading, of literature. Its popularity went beyond reading. He not only loved great literature, whether classical or contemporary; continues the former general director of France Télévisions, Patrice Duhamel on BFMTV.

16:20 – «An old remorse, become a very close friend», the tribute of Régis Debray

In the columns of Le Figaro, the philosopher and writer R&gis Debray, who for a time was confused about with Bernard Pivot did not hesitate to à pay him a vibrant tribute. The two men were. “An old remorse, became a very close friend. To have it, one day, after a television broadcast in Quebec, with the microphone remaining open to the audience. without my knowledge, decked out, with a drink in his nose, with bird names (monopolist, dictator, stifled Christian, etc.) without even a word ;remembering the next morning, a reputation came to me: the bitter resentment of a little bastard of an upstart attacking the smiling ap' ;ocirc;e of literature. Enough to abandon the aim of «cultural» à l'Élysée, to embrace the «third world» he confides.

16:17 – For Valérie Hayer, "Bernard Pivot will have markedé French cultureçaise"

"«Grouped, pressed against each other, the books have the stability of and the perseverance of the menhirs. À the one who transmitted the love of words, of literature (and dictations!) to everyone. so many French people. Bernard Pivot will have scored French culture. Thoughts his loved ones" éwritten on 62~16:16 – "The academy was a bit like his property. It was his family. confides Pascal Bruckner

«It's a great sadness. He was doing poorly, but we didn't know exactly what happened. how fatal this evil was going to be. And so Pivot came to see us a year and a half ago for lunch, and he didn't have much of an appetite, it' This was a bad sign. He was thin. But the Academy was a bit his property, his thing. It was his family. And he wanted to make sure that people got along well, that the literary choices were good, that understanding reigned between us. He had his place and we hoped to invite him back this year before the summer. And unfortunately, it's surprising. I never thought he would leave so quickly…» confides Pascal Bruckner, philosopher and academician Goncourt à BFMTV.

16:12 – Yaël Braun-Pivet greets a "lover of the word"

"From Cultured Bouillon à Apostrophes through the Académie Goncourt, Bernard Pivot was a lover of the word. Journalist and writer, he dedicated himself to his life &agrav; literature with humor and spontaneity. The king «lire» It’s gone. My thoughts his family and &agrav; his loved ones" wrote this Monday the President of the National Assembly, Yaël Braun-Pivet in tribute to the former director of the Goncourt academy. 

16:08 – What illness suffered from Bernard Pivot ?

Disappeared this Monday, May 6, the writer and presenter Bernard Pivot died. "after months of fighting cancer" announced his daughter, Cécile Pivot à AFP, comments relayed in Le Parisien. Ex-journalist, I would like to die at home, in my armchair, reading The ;Equipe or The Sunday Journal. Or, better, in my bed, rereading Montaigne or Proust. But I never read in bed" he confided to the JDD, a year ago almost to the day.

15:58 – He leaves the presidency of the Goncourt Academy à contrecœur

À Through this interview given to JDD in April 2023, Bernard Pivot had in some ways come out of his media retirement. "I lefté le Goncourt in December 2019, my health problems have started immediately after, in January 2020" he explained. It'é reluctantly that he had to give up his role as member and president of the Goncourt Academy. He also expressed his regrets regarding the Gabriel Matzneff affair, after accusations of complacency.

15:52 – "Sick, disabled, I could no longer write as I did"

"À 84 years old, I resigned du Goncourt to leave my place à a &eac;younger writer" conceded Bernard Pivot in the columns of the Journal du Dimanche in April 2023. He had, in fact, left the place à Didier Decoin. He also confides that he has, his "deep regret", abandoned; his criticism in the JDD because “ill, disabled”, and that I could no longer write as I did for your readers, for our readers, if you allow me, during more than a quarter of a century.

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Bernard Pivot is no more. This Monday, May 6, 2024, his family announced; his death following an illness AFP. The former presenter and writer died shortly after his death. at the age of 89 years old Neuilly-sur-Seine. Creator of the show "Apostrophe" on Antenne 2, he made people love books à millions of French people. Ex-journalist and president of the Académie Goncourt, he was also present at the Academy. the show "Bouillon de culture" and organized à From 1985, the Dicos d'or, a spelling championship that became international.

Journalist, writer, presenter…

N&eac; May 5, 1935 à Lyon, this lover of the French language, first studied law in the capital of Gaul, then journalism there. Paris. Diplômé from the Center for the Training of Journalists (CFJ) in 1957, he joined Le Figaro litteraire in 1958, then became head of the literary department of Le Figaro. It begins at television in 1973 by hosting the literary magazine "Ouvrez les quotation marks". Since then,   "Apostrophe", "Bouillon de culture"… We can no longer count the successes in which Bernard Pivot has participated. He notably received great writers like Marguerite Duras as well as musicians and actors. Brassens and Ferré paraded on his sets. Bernard Pivot was a major player in the rich days of French television. He had also chaired the the Goncourt Academy from 2004 to 2004 2019.

An entire life dedicated to words

Bernard Pivot has also written numerous works on his passions, literature and words, but also football and wine. "But life goes on", his latest work published in 2021, which looked like two tastes of water ' an autobiography, spoke in particular about growing old. His glasses fixed on the tip of his nose have made him a must-see man on the small screen.

In recent years, he was very active on Twitter, as if to prolong an entire life dedicated to his work. eacute;e to words. He shared his moods with more than a million subscribers. In an interview given to JDD in April 2023, he indicated the reasons which had pushed him to join. &agrav; withdraw from the Académie Goncourt and the media: "I remainedé silent because evil struck me &agrav; the head, seat of the brain and speech. Better to remain silent while waiting for the memory to recharge and the thought to flourish again. A characteristic discretion of the character. In 1992, he refused the Legion of Honor.

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