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Shootings in Sevran: three murders caused by anti-drug operations ?

Two men were shot dead Sunday evening à Sevran, in Seine-Saint-Denis, two days after another deadly shooting. The two cases appear linked to drug trafficking according to the police headquarters.

New shootout à Sevran. Two men aged 31 and 35 were arrested. killed by bullets this Sunday, May 5, around 6:30 p.m., in the city Basse located in the town of Seine-Saint-Denis. A man opened fire with a handgun from a car before fleeing according to information from Actu17. Around twenty 9 mm caliber cartridge cases as well as a magazine were reportedly taken. found at the crime scene. The two victims died on the spot despite the attack. emergency response. They were both known for drug trafficking, he said. the prefect of police, Laurent Nunez, who went to the Sevran police station on Sunday evening. "We have good reason to believe that the facts of this evening are not totally unrelated to drug trafficking", he added" by the way.

These murders occurred only two days after a previous shooting that left one dead and six injured Friday evening, still in the capital. Sevran, in the Beaudottes district. Là again, individuals allegedly opened fire from a car and shot people at gunpoint. burst with a Kalashnikov type weapon. At this time, no link has been provided. established between the two shootings according to Laurent Nunez. An investigation was carried out into the matter. open and entrusted to the criminal brigade of the Paris judicial police.

Shootings linked to operations Square Net XXL

If the two shootings that occurred à Sevran over the weekend are not yet officially linked according to investigators,  an official estimated from the Parisian that the murders of Sunday are "veryès probably the return match of what happened Friday. From what I know, it would be an execution, a bullet to the head. The hypothesis remains open. confirm.

But what is certain for the police headquarters is that these shootings are responses by traffickers to Place Net XXL operations which disrupt drug trafficking. "The deal point of the cityé Rougemont à Sevran was é Radiated. The judicial investigations carried out made it possible to arrest numerous traffickers, dismantle networks and seize several dozen kilograms of cannabis. It is obvious that these operations destabilize traffic and give rise to turf wars to reclaim dismantled deal points. , she explainedé in a press release.

The various left-wing mayor of Sevran, Stéphane Blanchet, also points to drug trafficking as the main cause of this "outburst inouï of violence" which "does not happen by chance”. "It's trafficking, the dirty money of the drug economy that is responsible. This parallel economy is organized with its small bosses, its small hands, its employees and its structures for laundering dirty money , tainted with blood and death" he regretted in a press release.

"More needs to be done" against traffic

An observation which calls for a response from the State according to the mayor. "Even more must be done. You have to hit, hit very hard" insistedé Stéphane Blanchet on franceinfo this Monday, May 6: "We need action. It is also necessary that the high authorities of the state express themselves with actions. It's not the Wild West, it's a city that needs the state to provide the means. Sunday evening, the police chief ensured that the continuation of police efforts "à both in terms of judicial investigations under the authority of the of magistrates and in matters of security" while the mayor of Sevran fears that it will start again.

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