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Livret A, Popular Savings Booklet: what are the interest rates in 2024 ?

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All those who were hoping for a small gesture from the government in favor of popular savings will be disillusioned. This Monday, January 15, the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, confirmed the bad news to our colleagues at La Voix du Nord.

Disappointment on the rates of savings accounts

The interest rates of the A savings account and the sustainable and solidarity development account will remain well maintained at 3%, a level well below that of inflation. This is a confirmation, since the latter has already announced that this rate will remain unchanged until February 2025.

Bruno Le Maire has also decided to reduce the rate of the Popular Savings Booklet (LEP) from 6 to 5% from February 1 and for 6 months. The minister wanted to defend himself to our colleagues in the regional press: « With inflation which will fall below 3%, you will have a Livret d 'popular savings whose remuneration will be more than two points above inflation'.

He adds lots of optimism about the Livret A: « This brings remuneration above inflation». A statement which is not yet verified in reality, since the latter stood at 4.9% over one year in 2023 and 3.7% in December, the newspaper recalls The World.

The LEP nonetheless remains a very profitable investment, but there are two main obstacles for the latter. It is in fact reserved for the most modest households: you must not exceed a reference tax income of 22,419 euros for a single person in France. As for its ceiling, it was recently increased but it stands at 10,000 euros.

Two alternatives to Livret A and LEP

Remember that there are other risk-free savings products available. We can notably cite the Housing Savings Plan (PEL). All those open in 2024 are paid 2.25%. On the other hand, this investment is taxed, and once the taxes are paid, its return falls to 1.58%, specifies RMC Conso.

The Home Savings Account (CEL) is another relatively unknown savings account that allows you to supplement your investments. Its interest rate is currently set at 2%, and it is frozen until February 2025 like the Livret A. On the other hand, here again we have to take into account taxes, and its real return is at 1.4%. You can also always reread our complete file on Booklet A which covers the main points to know about this investment, very popular with the French.

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