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Logitech G Pro X 60 review: a keyboard with far too much budget

Logitech recently revealed its new keyboard 60% &agrav; intended for professional players. We were able to test the Logitech G Pro X 60 and have some reservations about it.

Casual or professional video game players are familiar with Logitech. The brand is increasing its number of peripheral releases. destination for gamers while diversifying its offerings. After the notable release of the Aurora collection (of which we were able to test the G715 keyboard when it was released), the brand returns by offering a new product intended for use by users. to video game enthusiasts.

The Logitech G Pro X 60 keyboard is part of the manufacturer's strategy of offering dedicated equipment ;s to professional players. This fairly niche target generally wants effective products that are easy to use. use and which take up little space on the desk for maximum space for mouse movements which must be precise and rapid.

Launched At a price of 199.99 euros, we were able to test the G Pro X 60 keyboard for several weeks. The latter turns out to be pleasant. use, but he still let us use it. on our hunger. Discover our test of the G Pro X 60 keyboard from Logitech.

Editor's Notes: This review was completed by fully realized &agrav; from a copy of the product provided by the manufacturer.

Logitech G Pro X 60 review: a keyboard with far too much budget

© Julian Madiot/Linternaute

A sober and thoughtful design for demanding gaming

At first glance, the look of the G Pro X 60 is relatively sober. We find a nice 60% keyboard (so without the F keys, the number pad and even the directional pad) with a very large size. s compact. This allows the G Pro

The G Pro we would expect more aluminum. The finishes are, however, very good and Logitech has placed the finishing touches. some good little ideas around its product. There is for example a small wheel to adjust the sound of your PC cleverly located in the box. on the left of the keyboard and discreet enough not to be noticed too much. The top of the keyboard contains, as for à him, the different ports and connection buttons to the device. namely classic Bluetooth and Lightspeed technology which we will return to later.

In France, the G Pro X 60 keyboard is not available. only with tactile switches while the market US can also choose linear. We will regret this lack of choice, but the brand had already given us that. accustomed to with previous keyboards like the Pro only available with tactile switches in France.

< img alt = "" src = "https://img-4.linternaute.com/yxgggggggg69u7p8pdm19meg=/1080x/smart/77d05255430a4c528f0817f7976cd0b0/ccmcms- ng " />The Azerty format of the G Pro X 60 only has tactile switches. © Logitech

The G Pro X 60 keyboard is offered  in three colors: black, white and pink.  Each features a small Escape key which stands out from the rest of the keyboard, but a replacement key is included in the box if you want to harmonize everything. For this test, we had available; of the classic black model and it must be admitted that the latter turns out to be sober but pleasant to wear. watch.

Nice touches but so noisy

The new keyboard from Logitech has non-swappable optical (and not mechanical) switches which are quite pleasant to use. use daily. Typing is fast and precise enough to be used on games requiring fluidity. and speed &agrav; like MOBAs (like "League of Legends") or FPS like Counter Strike and Valorant.

We testedé the Logitech G Pro X 60 on several titles including Final Fantasy ;activity of our equipment depending on the situation. Unsurprisingly: the G Pro X 60 turns out to be pleasant to use. easy to use and our actions were as fast as they were precise. make it difficult to press a key by mistake.

Unfortunately, Logitech appears to have made little effort to tone down the volume of noise when typing fast on the G Pro X 60. Gamers with headphones will not be disturbed, but those around them may cringe as the keyboard keys are noisy when playing. use and do not really reflect the noise that one imagines for a product with 200 euros.

Logitech G Pro X 60 review: a keyboard with far too much budget

The G Pro X 60 has several thoughtful little shortcut buttons. © Logitech/Julian Madiot

Customization designed to compensate for the lack of keys

A keyboard in 60% format finds itself amputated; a good number of keys in order to reduce its size as much as possible. Unfortunately, this can be very disabling when you need a key that is not available on the G&nbsp ;Pro X 60. For this test for example, it was impossible for me to take a screenshot of my tested games. since the "Print Write" is not present on the keyboard.

Logitech has obviously thought about this. &agrav; This lack of options by adding the possibility of to have several shortcuts. Using the official GHub application, it is possible to personalize three layers which have the shortcuts of your choice. This allows, for example, to have a layer designed for for gaming (with the keys that our current game needs), another for the professional aspect (Photoshop enthusiasts will be able to add shortcuts for their tools) and a final layer for everyday life où you can program classic shortcuts like screenshot.

GHub also allows you to customize the lighting of the G Pro X 60. Like many other Logitech devices, it is possible to create different lighting profiles depending on the software currently displayed. Your keys can glow red when you launch "League of Legends" or pass &agrav; a green one if you're relaxing on 'Stardew Valley'. Multiple color choices are available and can be assigned to different colors. all of the keyboard keys or just some of them. Several animations are also included depending on your preferences. No surprises here, but it's still a good point to have. raise.

Logitech G Pro X 60 review: a keyboard with far too much budget

© Logitech/Julian Madiot

Several types of easy connections à use

The G Pro X 60 comes with a dongle   plug into its keyboard and allow use with a Lightspeed or Bluetooth connection. While the intention is laudable, we have some reservations about the value of Bluetooth on a keyboard intended for use by users. competitive performance. This nevertheless allows you to take advantage of the G Pro responsiveness. It is always possible to connect the keyboard à your machine to benefit from a high-performance wired connection.

Once connected à your computer, the G Pro X 60 can therefore pair with GHub software to work in tandem with your other Logitech equipment. This allows you to synchronize the lighting of your different devices, but also to modify the shortcuts and macros of your devices to have access to ;a configuration tailored to your playing style.

Very decent autonomy for sufficiently fast charging

The Logitech site announces an average battery life of 65 hours for wireless use of the G Pro X 60. A measurement that we were able to verify and which turned out to be very good. During our different test days, we were able to try the G Pro quite high and we never found it. a lack of battery which is disabling. We were able to enjoy the keyboard for over a week before needing to go through a recharge.

Our conclusion à getting started with the Logitech G Pro X 60


How frustrating we felt during this test! If the 60% format of the latest G Pro s of players.

Its all-plastic design is quite cheap, but provides a robust and solid keyboard. Non-accustomed users, however, may find the keyboard quite high and may need to provide themselves with a wrist rest for more pleasant daily use. The Lightspeed connection and various customization options are easy to use. use and allow you to benefit from responsiveness. exemplary in the most competitive games. The autonomy is not to be outdone and allows you to enjoy the G Pro X 60 for several days without interruption.

Unfortunately, typing on the keyboard is very noisy. So don't expect to go unnoticed if you want to enjoy it at night with those around you who sleep à side. Finally, although the G Pro for its different functionalities and finishes. We therefore recommend waiting for possible promotions before jumping on the product.

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