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Whatsapp will completely change, discover the new version in preview

A new Whatsapp interface will revolutionize your use of the application. Discover all the new features & come before it arrives on your phone.

Whatsapp may well be a fairly old application in the landscape, but it does not fail to maintain itself regularly in use. updated with new features and functionality. The most popular instant messaging service in the world is getting ready to launch. make a big change in its design which may surprise many users in the coming weeks. come.

It must be said that the Whatsapp interface has evolved a lot since its first version in 2011. So entirely bluish or blackened, it does not It only had fairly basic functionalities. It was, however, already available. You can navigate between different chats and your contacts to send messages and content to them. the latter.

The setting à day 24.9.74 is currently being deployed for Whatsapp owners. In particular, it provides for major changes to the application interface, whether you have an Android smartphone or an iPhone. Among the new features, we see a revised and corrected interface as well as new buttons. The Android version also includes a more pronounced dark mode. and which places more emphasis on high contrasts for better reading comfort. The large green Whatsapp bar, previously located at the top of the application, disappears to make room for the app. a whitened and more pleasant interface the eye.

Whatsapp will completely change, discover the new version in preview

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Whatsapp users on Android will also have a new navigation bar located at the bottom of the application. It should make it possible to find your way more quickly and efficiently among the messaging functionalities and to navigate between the different options offered such as discussions, calls or communities.

iPhone owners are not left out on the other hand. new features. Sending multiple photos and videos has been supported. rethought and improved and a new interface for generating surveys and sending documents is also planned with this update. day.

The setting à day 24.9.74 which brings this redesign of the application is still being deployed. Don't hesitate to join us! Regularly check the Google Play Store or the App Store to check if your application is eligible for the update. day in the coming weeks.

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