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Logitech MX Brio: a new webcam for gamers and professionals

Always eager to perfect its range of products, Logitech recently unveiled the MX Brio webcam, a new product à destination for professionals, but not only.

It's hard not to be interested in Logitech's new product releases. The brand, still considered one of the leaders in the market, of IT equipment, continues to offer new solutions every year. destination for gamers, professionals or simply the general public.

Logitech recently revealed its new webcam, the MX Brio UHD 4K, which we were also able to use for several days. The latter is now available at the price of 229 euros in France.

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Logitech MX Brio: a new webcam for gamers and professionals

Logitech MX Brio 4K

New à from 228.70 €

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    A resolutely professional design

    Due to its size, it is difficult to pass à side of the MX Brio. The latest webcam from Logitech impresses with its very rounded shapes, whether it is its case or its lens. The aluminum shell of the webcam also guarantees a certain weight at the same time. the latter, but remains relatively sober with the small "LOGI" printed from above.

    At the center of the MX Brio, we obviously find the 4K UHD sensor. The latter, also circular, is notably endowed with Anti-intrusive protection that hides your scene from view the camera for the most anxious. A good point that can be controlled via a rotating ring followed around the lens and which gives a little "premium" &agrav; the MX Brio.

    Logitech MX Brio: a new webcam for gamers and professionals

    © Logitech/Linternaute

    The latest webcam from Logitech does not come alone since it is capable of attaching itself to a small support included in the box. The latter allows you to rest the MX Brio above your screen and also has a small adhesive coating for & Be sure that the camera does not move, even in the event of a glitch. In addition to this small, very handy support, the MX Brio has a screw thread that will allow it to be used in any way. on another medium of your choice that you could already use. own. Practical.

    A quality 4K UHD ideal for meetings or streaming

    As its name suggests, the MX Brio from Logitech is capable of filming your scene in up to 4K. The latter allows you to have the quality of your product. rich in details, especially for slightly finer subjects like hair. It's a shame, however, that the quality is too bad. 4K limits the MX Brio à 30 FPS which does not guarantee smoothness. most perfect if you have movement in your scene. Switching to 60 FPS will require you to lower the quality. in 1080p, which remains all &agrav; made usable for professional use.

    Logitech's new MX Brio webcam targets two rather specific targets: professionals and gamers. The first category will be able to benefit from very good quality. easy to use image and webcam. install even when you're on the move. Video game enthusiasts will be able to enjoy this experience. They rely on a multitude of customization for camera effects. The MX Brio is notably compatible with the Logitech GHub software well known to gamers, since it allows you to group several of the brand's peripherals together to personalize their use.

    Logitech MX Brio: a new webcam for gamers and professionals

    © Logitech/Linternaute

    The MX Brio webcam from Logitech has been available since the beginning of March 2024 on the official Logitech website as well as from partner sellers such as Amazon or Fnac. The webcam is available in two distinct colors: black or white depending on taste.

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