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Attack on London: the Crown defeated

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London attack accused testifies for fourth day.

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Thursday, at the trial of the accused in the London attack, the Crown pointed out to jurors numerous contradictions between the accused's testimony and his previous statements.

The prosecution's lawyer questioned Nathaniel Veltman about the comments he made during his interrogation with Detective Micah Bordeau, in the hours following the events of which he is accused, and those made during meetings with a psychiatrist , almost a year before this trial was held.

After discussing the intentions and political opinions described in the manifesto found at his home by the police officers, the lawyer addressed the confessions made by the accused during his interrogation in June 2021.

For example, she pointed out that the accused had told Detective Micah Boudreau that he had started planning the attack in March.

Accused in attack on London Muslim family stands trial

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Accused in attack on Muslim family of London stands trial

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The accused now claims that these were only improvised excuses intended to morally justify the action he had just committed.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hNZoeU">Since the beginning of his testimony, the accused has repeatedly claimed that he gave in to an impulse when he stepped on the accelerator and drove towards of his victims.

However, on the witness stand, the now 22-year-old stressed that he had also expressed the idea of ​​committing violent acts seven years earlier, comments he now describes as nonsense and not real plans.

The Crown made several shocking suggestions: You had considered other targets before choosing to attack Muslims and You knew you were committing a terrorist attack, for example raised Mr. Moser, suggestions that refuted by the accused on the witness stand.

The prosecutor also dissected before the jurors comments made by the accused to a psychiatrist who evaluated him during preparation for this trial.

Dr. Julian Gojer will be the next defense witness. The latter may question the accused again before this testimony.

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