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Loto : draw, time, result, FDJ statistics

“Loto: draw, time, result, FDJ statistics”

LOTO – Loto draw, result each evening, results of previous draws, statistics the FDJ, how to play… Here is everything you always wanted to know about the Loto without daring to ask.

Everything you need to know about the lottery

The Loto has, in France, 21 million players, including 5 million “regular” players, in other words who scrutinize the results every night of the draw or almost. Created in 1976, Loto has today become one of the flagship games of the Française des jeux (FDJ) and its third source of income, with 1.5 to 1.5%. 2 billion euros in turnover per year. But how to play Loto? What are the dates and times of the draws? When are the Loto results revealed?  Wù consult the result of a draw? How much does the game bring in? the FDJ? What are the Loto statistics? Find all the key information about this game on this special page.

There are three Loto draws per week: one on Monday evening, one on Wednesday evening, and one on Saturday evening, carried out under bailiff control. If you have played a grid 2.20 euros, it is valid for a single draw. Since fall 2019, it has been possible to participate in a second draw for an additional 0.80 euros, for a total of 3 euros.

The Loto draw generally takes place around 8 p.m. behind closed doors and under the supervision of a bailiff. During these draws, 5 balls are drawn at random from 49 numbers; then 1 ball, corresponding to the lucky number, is also drawn at random from the 10. Since the implementation of the “second draw” option, a second draw takes place. With the 5th numbers, and without the lucky number, players have the possibility of winning. to win another Jackpot, of a smaller amount.

You can consult the draw at television on TF1 on the days of the draw 8:35 p.m. (11:15 p.m. for Euromillions) or on the website www.fdj.fr. To consult the Loto results and all the reports, several other solutions are available. you: go to the results page of the Française des Jeux website or its mobile application. It is also possible to consult the Official Journal. Finally, by telephone, a simple call to 3256 (0.34 euros) or an SMS to 61113 with the word "Loto" (0.35 cents) allows you to see all the correct numbers. The Loto results are also broadcast on this page each drawing evening.

La Française des Jeux regularly organizes exceptional Loto jackpots. Sometimes a "Super Loto" is added to the 3 weekly meetings, on the occasion of a Friday the 13th, can attract up to 10 million followers in a single day.

If you play at a tobacconist…

> Solution n°1: fill out a grid– Collect a game slip. Complete one or more grids (each costs 2.20 euros, 3 euros with the "second draw" option). In your grid, you must first check (by making a cross) 5 numbers among the boxes numbered from 1 to 1. 49. Then you have to check 1 "lucky number" among the numbers from 1 to 10. As in In Euromillions, you can make your grid more complex by checking more than 5 numbers but this will cost you more. Give your grid to the tobacconist so that he can record your bet. In exchange, you will receive a game receipt, which will allow you to claim your winnings in the event of a victory.

> Solution n°2: do a "Flash"– Those who want to have their ballot validated by relying solely on luck can buy a ticket with the Flash system: in this case, it is a machine which randomly chooses the numbers . If you don't want to choose your own numbers, you can therefore make a grid using the “Flash” system. (2.20 euros also). Ask the tobacconist for a Loto"flash" and its computer will choose random numbers for you.

> Solution #3: opt for multiple mode– La Française des Jeux has also provided alternative ways of playing, to have fun playing games. defy chance. So with the “Multiple” mode, it is possible to check a 6th, a 7th, an 8th and even a 9th number. In this case, the ticket is sold more expensively, at a higher price. for example, 252 euros for a grid with 9 numbers. It is also possible to check between 1 and 10 lucky numbers, there. again, for a higher price.

If you play on the Internet…

The official site of la Française des jeux also collects bets and allows you to play Lotto in the same way as at a point of sale. But you must first create an account (read the instructions on Euromillions: how to play).

Loto results: jackpots and winnings

The Loto prides itself on offering a jackpot of at least 2 million euros, which increases by 1 million euros every year. each draw until’’ If it is won, there are winnings from two correct numbers, and a one in ten chance of recovering your stake. The "second draw" involves 7.09% of participating stakes, with a minimum of 100,000 euros. The biggest Loto win, 27,989,078 euros, was recorded in June 2010. The winning ticket was validated à Ferney Voltaire, in Ain. On June 6, 2011, a family settled in Val-d'Oise, near Paris. Sarcelles, won 24 million euros on a draw. In 2013, an entrepreneur from the Ile-de-France region won the award. 22 million euros, a sum which allowed him to save his company, the jobs of his employees, and to give himself a new life. But on May 26, 2006, the Super Loto record jackpot rose. à 30,009,676 euros. That day, two players had the two correct numbers, so they divided 15 million euros each.

The minimum to win is to have the "Lucky Number", formerly called "Additional number". If the ball corresponding to If your lucky number falls, your stake of 2.20 euros is refunded. Then, your winnings depend on the numbers drawn but also on the number of people who had the same winning combination as you. For example, here is a summary table of winnings for a draw.

To collect your winnings, go to a point of sale within 60 days and present your game receipt to the tobacconist. He will give you the corresponding amount. In the event of a gain greater than 300 euros, you will have to return it to a Française des Jeux payment center. If you have played on the Internet, your winnings will be directly credited to your account. on your account. Please remember: no prize over 5,000 euros can be awarded without presentation of an identity document.

How much chance do you have of winning the Loto when you validate a grid? On average, in 75% of cases, there is no winner of the super jackpot. Because to find the 5 good numbers as well as the “lucky” number, fortune must smile on you. The odds are 0.000.005%, which means that each grid has a 1 in 19,068,840 chance of matching the correct number. the winning combination of the day of the draw. The chances of getting your two euros stake reimbursed are a little over 9%, since you just need to check the correct lucky number, or a correct number and the correct number ;ro luck, for that to be the case. The player having in his possession a grid with 5 good numbers, but who has not checked The right lucky number wins on average only a little over 100,000 euros. The probabilities of this happening are, however, very low, of the order of 0.000 05 %.

Many players, but also non-players, wonder how much the Loto brings in. the FDJ each drawing evening. La Française des Jeux was born in 1976. The company, which today has nearly 1,000 employees, replaced the French National Lottery, created by the French National Lottery. e in 1933 with the aim of donating money to veterans, war invalids, but also to victims of “agricultural calamities”. In 1974, the Lottery issuers created an economic interest group which launched the Loto in 1976. Until recently, the association “Les Gules Cassés”, founded after the First World War, received some dividends. On November 21, 2019, the FDJ, which was still being held in prison, was arrested. 72% by the State, officially entered the stock market and therefore became a private company. à mainly private capital.

The money accumulated by the Loto is colossal: in 2018 according to the activity report According to the FDJ, the sums bet by the players represented 15.8 billion euros. Much of this money was then transferred to the United States. distributed among players in the form of winnings (67.6%, or 10.7 billion euros). Of the gross gaming proceeds (5.1 billion euros), around 3.5 billion were allocated. redistributed to the State, including 3.3 public levies on games. Despite privatization, the latter should therefore  continue to collect several billions each year, mainly in the form of taxes, but also because it has retained its 20% of the shares he holds the French Games.

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