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SNOW. If a freezing cold has set in; Over a large part of France, snowfall is ultimately less heavy than predicted.

What to remember

  • Concerning the forecasts for Thursday, February 11, 13 departments are on orange alert for snow-ice and severe cold in the North-East, while 4 Other departments are on alert for floods. If a calm is expected on Thursday the 11th, a freezing atmosphere will remain in the north of the country.


  • The complete weather forecasts from our partner "La Chainîne Météo" are &agrav; discover in video at the top of the article. Météo France insists: "Precipitation snowfall will continue à weaken in the west while they will continue for a few more hours in the east. This morning, even though the snowfall has stopped. in the west of the departments on orange alert, the greatest caution remains due to the presence of snow or even ice on the ground, and small accumulations due to the wind. […] This afternoon the snow only concerns Franche Comté and Alsace, beautiful clearings develop from Brittany to France. Lorraine but the atmosphere remains cold. Precipitation also affects Rhône-Alpes, PACA and Corsica this morning, often moderate and even significant in the Alps. The rain-snow limit is around 400 m in the northern Alps, 1000 m in the south". 

  • 20 cm of snow has accumulated in Brittany. The snowflakes gradually spread towards the east of the country, before arriving in &Ile-de-France  and in the night in Burgundy-Franche-Comté.
  • No more departments are placed here. in orange vigilance "very cold". But the icy air continues to envelop the territories of Hauts-de-France and extends up to 2000. the east of the country. Be careful, the freezing cold is expected to last until October 2019. the end of the week, according to forecasts from the Weather Channel.
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