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Lots of snow and cold in these departments, but 17°C in others... Funny weather this weekend!

The weather is clearly deteriorating and the cold returns before the weekend.

While mild weather has reigned in France for several weeks, the trend could reverse in the coming days. The Weather Channel announces a degradation the "passage of a very active cold front" at the end of the week. For its part, Météo France has placed in its latest bulletin several departments are on orange alert for risk of wind. To the west, Vendée and Deux-S&evres are ; they are subject to orange vigilance for rain-flooding. 

The disruptions announced are directly linked to the passage of the Louis depression. According to Méetéo France "the accumulations of rain are notable in particular from the South Pays de la Loire to Poitou-Charentes, as well as between Champagne-Ardenne , Lorraine, Burgundy and on the Alpine relief" at the end of the week.

Météo France announces that temperatures will decrease during the night of Thursday to Friday until 'à drop back down close to seasonal norms. According to La Chaine méo, the average temperature this Friday, February 23 will be 7.3°C "i.e. an excess of +0.5°C compared to normal". In detail, the northwest should experience a day marked by "an alternation of showers and & clearings under a well-cooled atmosphere, with wind on the coasts.

Temperatures will be between 5°C and above. Rouen and 9°C, à Rennes in particular. In the center and north-east of France this Friday, "the weather is mixedé but the sky is clearing over Alsace in particular, with very cool temperatures. It will in fact be between 3°C and 10°C, with 8°C à Orleans, 9°C à Dijon and 10°C à Strasbourg.

Lots of snow and cold in these departments, but 17°C in others... Funny weather this weekend!

© The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is forecasting “gloomy” weather. from the southwest to the center-east with rain over Aquitaine. Temperatures will be between 3° and 11°C. The site announces 3°C. &agrav; Limoges and 8°C à Biarritz. The Weather Channel specifies that only the south-east and Corsica will be spared by this drop in temperature. Indeed, clearings are expected this Friday with the only disturbance being the wind until midday. 60 km/h. Temperatures it will be 15°C at midday. Perpignan, 17°C à Nice, 12°C à Marseille and Montpellier and 13°C à Ajaccio.

This episode of disturbance will also mark the return of snow to the mountain ranges. As indicated by Météo France, & ;quot;It will snow from the middle mountains" and this from Friday. La Channelétéo as for she predicts snow “& 1000 m in the central massif and the Alps." A trend which is expected to increase this Saturday, February 24. The Weather Channel announces that it will snow a lot on the Pyrenees from 1200 meters and that the falls will continue on Sunday as well. The temperatures will still be as low this weekend with this Saturday 4°C & Aurillac, 9°C à Paris, Strasbourg, Rennes and Dijon, 8°C à Lille and Limoges, 11°C à Bordeaux and Marseille, with a maximum of 15°C à Perpignan. Similar temperatures are also expected this Sunday. 

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