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Lulu Van Trapp at We Love Green: “It’s the basis of being a committed artist”

The Parisian group Lulu Van Trapp opened the third day of the We Love Green festival, on the big stage.

They brought back the sun &agrav; We Love Green: Lulu Van Trapp's four troublemakers opened the festivities on the third and final day of the festival, Sunday June 2, on the biggest stage of the event which took place in the Bois de Vincennes. A challenge for Parisians. "It's too stylish! to be able to walk on big stages like ça, çit allows you to appreciate your show on a big scale and it's super galvanizing, but it's great. #39;s sure that a festival opening, you shouldn't have too many expectations either (…), but the audience was so cool, there were big winners and they were full of love and listening, çit was so nice", confides Rebecca, charismatic singer of the group.

It must be said that the stage is the very essence of Lulu Van Trapp. "The stage is why we make music. I love putting on a show what you imagined. in your room,” laughs Max, guitarist and co-founder of the group. "We love doing this job so much. We can wear latex bikinis, have alien scenes and do what we love!", added his sidekick.& nbsp;

Lulu Van Trapp at We Love Green: “It’s the basis of being a committed artist”

On stage à We Love Green, it was unleashed that the four members of Lulu Van Trapp presented their second album, Lovecity, released in April. "Our second album, it's an album that was nourished by our relationship with music. Paris, our city, and what it forms and deforms in us, what this city can create as barriers in us, of solitude and of ;alienation, to move towards a more community and fraternal feeling. Lovecity, it's above all the people who make up this city, explains Rebecca. A disc written & four hands, with their two traveling companions, Nico à the drums and Manu à bass.

Lulu Van Trapp at We Love Green: “It’s the basis of being a committed artist”

Lulu Van Trapp à We Love Green 2024 © Lucie Valais

Lovecity "talks about friendship, about community. He was é in a very collegial manner, everyone had their say. say, for better or for worse! But above all for the best because when we defend it on stage, we really have the impression of being one, explains Rebecca .

So to present her album, Lulu Van Trapp have cumé European capitals with free street concerts. "It'éwas a whim", emphasizes Max. "A little rant", corrects Rebecca: "we wanted to tell the story of this album with this side" a little DIY and we went to several cities in Europe, several lovecitiesand we acted as street artists: we had our little gear and we stood in the squares…hellip; To plant small Lulu seeds in these cities. And it was beautiful! And to summarize: "Çit allowed us to be talked about without waiting for someone to give us the floor."

Lulu Van Trapp and the music video for Love and the Fight

Committed artists, the members of Lulu Van Trapp recently made headlines with the clip for Love and the Fight and its promo, for which Rebecca and Max made believe à a violent argument having led them to the emergency room, sparking numerous comments on social networks.

"He wasé written like a fight-club, it's friends who put themselves on the face to evacuate the violence of society. We wanted to create a pop object with which we become the mirror of all the violence that passes through us. And we manage to demonstrate the cynicism of everything, explains Rebecca, before returning to the start of the controversy aroused by her. by this title: "Isn't it a good thing that a 'work of art created from discourse, controversy, intelligence? We don't pride ourselves on having such an impact on pop culture, but it really is in this aim there; that we did it."

Flying the Palestinian flag on the We Love Green stage, the group does not hide its commitments: climate, feminism and world peace, "it's the basis of being a committed artist, says Rebecca, before going further: "this&#39 ;is the least remuneration that an artist can bring to life. the companyé to be part of the fights, the reality. Getting involved is a duty that we embrace and we choose our causes, well, it’s rather the causes that choose us, there’s so much going on things right now."

But actually, who is Lulu Van Trapp ?

Lulu Van Trapp is a mix of genres and emotions: rock, pop, even punk, all tinged with of a certain electrifying darkness. Their master word ? Make the crowds dance. Initiated by Rebecca and Max, then joined by Nico and Manu, the group has released two albums that it defends on stage, under the mysterious name of Lulu Van Trapp. About the origins of this name, Rebecca explains: "with Max, fifteen years ago when we started music and we had another total alternative and total project independent, we had no label, no manager, no tour manager nothing – "Çthat means that no one wanted to sign us", cut Max. 

"So to gain respect and to find dates, we inventedé an alias: Lulu Van Trapp, who was terrifying and super tough in business, explains Rebecca. We made him a fake Facebook profile. She negotiated like a boss for us and people were scared when we arrived at a concert. When we started the project that became Lulu Van Trapp, we called her back to give us strength."

"We felt a little alone, so we thought it would be nice to revive her– ;quot;, confirms Max. All four have a well-defined – and very different- image from this one. what this famous Lulu Van Trapp looks like. Anyway, on stage, & We Love Green like elsewhere, it makes everyone agree.

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