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This incredible AI generates a series from a simple prompt

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Hollywood may be shaking, the world of Tech is eyeing the entertainment and culture market. Fable Studio, a startup based in San Francisco, has just unveiled its generative AI called Showrunner. And as its name suggests, it can create episodes of animated series from a simple request.

An impressive technological feat

In detail, it will be enough to set the scene, provide a beginning of a plot in a few words, and this technology will do the rest. It writes a complete script, provides the dubbing of the characters and the animation. The user will only have to modify the dialogues and configure the different elements as they wish.

To prove its effectiveness, Fable has already broadcast an episode of the series South Parkentirely generated by AI. This initiative created an electric shock, because it came in the middle of the strike of American screenwriters and actors who fear the consequences of AI on employment.

If the result clearly does not live up to the talent of Matt Stone and Trey Parker, observers have noted that this episode is far from ridiculous, even if it contains some obvious comedic failures.< /p>

The Netflix of AI ?

Quoted by The Hollywood Reporter, the general director of Fable Studio, Edward Saatchi, does not hide his ambition: “The objective is to’ #8217;to be the Netflix of AI. You may have finished all the episodes of a series you are watching and click the button to create a new episode. You can say what it should be about or you can let the AI ​​do it itself.”

For now, Internet users can register on a waiting list for the free test version of Showrunner which should last until the end of the year. Users are encouraged to create their own content to ensure the advancement of AI. The best episodes will subsequently be financially rewarded. Revenue sharing is even prevented if a broadcaster decides to take over one of the productions.

In any case, Showrunner and other generative AI tools must always face criticism regarding the origin of the data used to develop them. The manager specifies that they are “accessible to the public”. He adds: “What matters to me is that the result is original” and that “it’is the content that will determine whether the technology is worth it”.

This initiative is reminiscent of this AI developed in India which made it possible to generate a rather unconvincing film. To find out more about this experience, we invite you to reread our article here.

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