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Mamadou Kalilou Barry admits his participation in a gang rape

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Mamadou Kalilou Barry appeared in the courtroom accompanied by his parents.

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A young man from Quebec, Mamadou Kalilou Barry, avoids a trial by admitting to having sexually assaulted two 15-year-old girls in month of August 2021.

In particular, it is' ;a charge of sexual assault with the participation of third parties, namely two adolescents who have already been found guilty of the same misdeeds before the Youth Court.

The events occurred at the home of one of the victims, where several teenagers had gathered during a party ;a drunken party.

The two victims then agreed to go into a room with two boys their age to have sexual relations with their respective partners.

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It had been understood, indicated the prosecutor, Me Régis Juneau-Drolet, that there would be no exchange between the two couples.

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Me Régis Juneau- Drolet, prosecutor for the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP).

Mamadou Kalilou Barry s' is subsequently presented in the bedroom and the three boys continued their sexual activities by changing positions with the victims without their consent.

After admitting his guilt, one of the two teenagers had community service imposed on him. The other teenager is awaiting his sentence.

In Barry's case, whose case is being handled by adult court, his case will return in the summer for the determination of his sentence.

He is at large during the judicial process.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">Last October, the 22-year-old was acquitted of another charge of sexual assault against a teenage girl.

Mamadou Kalilou Barry was present during a police intervention on the Grande Allée which made the headlines in November 2021.

He then publicly commented on the operation, reproaching, among other things, the police for ;used excessive force to subdue his good friend Pacific Niyokwizera.

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