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Many motorists receive fake tickets larger than life, the gendarmerie forced to intervene

A new fake traffic ticket scam is taking place at the start of the year and many motorists are being fooled.

This is a new fashion that confuses many motorists. False traffic ticket scams abound in several cities in France and it is sometimes difficult for the average person to know how to distinguish the fake from the real thing. After the falsified documents to report so-called prohibited parking, here it is! that criminals draw up reports to notify people of excessive speed. Of course, these excesses of the authorized limit have never existed, but the copy is so similar to the official documents that some drivers fall for it and find à use their credit card for an offense that they did not commit.

This is what has been happening since the beginning of January. many inhabitants of the south of France. The latter receive a ticket in their mailbox inviting them to pay a fine for speeding. On the document, very well done, appear their name and their registration plate number with the amount to be paid. adjust. The recipients of these fraudulent letters, all domiciled in the Pyr&nées-Orientales department according to the L'Ind&ependant website, in the communes of Saint-Hippolyte and Saleilles, are invited to scan a QR Code to pay their fine. Some fell into the trap, others spotted the enemy. the subterfuge and notified the gendarmerie to report the scam.

In addition to the fact that the envelopes placed in the mailboxes were blank and unfranked – because they are distributed directly to hand by the bandits – it was the QR Code redirection site that put the chip in place. the ear of several victims. Indeed, as always when it comes to "Quishing" – the name given &agrav; This technique is used to steal bank details using falsified QR Codes – the barcode can be used to steal bank details. two dimensions refers to a fraudulent site. But again, it is not easy for certain targets to detect the scam as the site on which they are asked to access it is not easy. to pay the fine is well done.

It actually looks like two drops of water. that of the National Automated Processing Agency of offenses (ANTAI), the only one on which motorists can pay a fine for an offense other than parking. If in doubt, we strongly advise you to look for the real internet address of the ANTAI site before comparing it with that of the site to which the QR code redirected you. . The local gendarmerie, which takes the matter seriously, has opened a procedure to find the authors of these false tickets who have already been arrested. agrave; worth &agrav; certain inhabitants of the Catalan country to shed several dozen euros…

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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