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These horizontal lines on the rear window of cars have a real use, especially in winter

You may already have noticed the presence of horizontal lines on the rear window of your car. But &agrav; what are they for ?

A classic vehicle generally consists of six large windows: the windshield, placed in front of the window. in front of the occupants to see the road, the four side windows, two to the right; the front and two ' the rear, and the rear window commonly called the bezel. The latter allows the driver to see what is happening behind the vehicle, either by turning around briefly when necessary, or by taking a look. Take a look in the central rearview mirror. This is essential for security. on the road, as it helps the driver to stay safe. change lanes, &agrav; carry out parking maneuvers and Be aware of other vehicles approaching from behind.

If the rear window is very useful for driving, it is, by far, the rear window. through &agrav; which car occupants look at least often. Have you ever done this? noticed what sets it apart from all the others? If this is not the case, we encourage you to do so. take a closer look. You will discover that several horizontal lines are drawn on the glass. They cross it along its entire length with a regular space between them. If car manufacturers pay particular attention to the design of their cars, this has nothing to do with them. see with aestheticism. These horizontal lines have a very specific and very useful function for motorists, especially in autumn and winter.

It's indeed thanks to à They know that it is possible to defrost or defog the rear window of your car in just a few seconds when it is cold or humid. Unlike the windshield, where defrosting occurs most of the time thanks to the windscreen. a blast of hot air directly projects On the window, the rear window has its own small integrated heater. We turn it on & each time you press the small button representing the by a rectangle crossed by three small arrows waving upwards.

Technically, the rear window is covered horizontally by several filaments which emit heat when you press the dedicated button. These filaments are directly inserted into the lamination of the window glass. The horizontal lines visible on the rear window of cars are not in reality real. nothing other than their imprint on the tile.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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