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Mauritania - Algeria: beaten by the Mauritanians, the Fennecs eliminated in the pools!

First shock in this African Cup of Nations. After bowing this evening at the general surprise against Mauritania, the Fennecs are eliminated from CAN 2023 in the first round after a goal of Dellahi. The competition loses one of its favorites the final victory in the pools.

Mauritania - Algeria: beaten by the Mauritanians, the Fennecs eliminated in the pools!

Mauritania 1: 0

Mauritania - Algeria: beaten by the Mauritanians, the Fennecs eliminated in the pools!

Algeria Live

Thank you à all of them having followed Mauritania – Algeria. We'll see you tomorrow on L'Internaute.com for the last matches of the first round of the African Cup of Nations.

23:50 – Belmadi: "There are things I can't explain"

Stunned by the elimination of Algeria, the Fennecs coach returned to the poor performance of his team: "Every time Every time we concede a semblance of a chance, çslips into the back of the net. We can look back at all the goals conceded. There are things I can't explain. Then we can't figure it out. score when we have plenty of situations. There is part of the mystery of football… If we don't create clear chances, if we make ourselves dominated by other teams, I would tell myself that things are not going well. This is not the case. There's a part that I can't explain, but it's a reality."

23:45 – The summary of the match

Two nations that are making history. Beaten by Mauritania this evening, the Algerians are eliminated in the group stage for the second time in two editions . On the side from the Mourabitounes, they woné their first match in the history of the African Cup of Nations while securing a ticket to the round of 16. A surprise which was not necessarily predictable at kick-off. The Fennecs only needed a draw and Djamel Belmadi did not need it. by Riyad Mahrez at kick-off. An absence of the captain which was é replaced by Adam Ounas. Author of a convincing performance, the winger scored the first period left his mark with his swirling dribbles but the Algerians always fell on Babacar Niasse, in a state of grace this evening . Against the court of play, Dellahi scored the liberating goal for Mauritania in the first period after a poorly cleared corner. Despite the entries of executives Bentaleb, Mahrez, Slimani and Belaili in the second period, Djamel Belmadi's players did not manage to achieve their goals. make the difference to obtain a draw, synonymous with qualification for the next round. Algeria was eliminated in the group stage and joined Ghana among the major exiting nations. 

23:40 – Niasse "I'm proud"

Man of the match, Babacar Niasse achieved numerous parades to save Mauritania. He returned to the post-match conference on this trophy: "This man’s trophy is collective, I thank all the team and all the Mauritanian people, I would like to say here that I am proud to represent them. They gave me this chance and I am proud &agrav; every time I wear this jersey."

23:35 – Algeria writes a short story page of its history

Eliminated from CAN 2023 after the defeat against Mauritania, the Fennecs leave the competition. reached the group stage in 2 consecutive editions for the first time in its history.

23:30 – Three known posters

After the results of the day ;e, three posters of the round of 16 of the African Cup of Nations are known: 

  • Nigéria – Cameroon
  • Equatorial Guinea – Guinea
  • Cape Verde – Mauritania

23:25 – Abdou: "Football is full of surprises"

An unexpected nation in the round of 16 of the African Cup of Nations, Mauritania qualified after a great performance against Algé laugh. In a post-match conference, Amir Abdou congratulated his players: "We suffered. We had put in place a game plan which was successful. We wereé solid. We scored on a game situation and I am very proud of what we are achieving. Football is full of surprises. The state of mind, the desire was there. We managed to achieve this. achieve this objective of passing."

23:20 – The ninth éelimination in pools< /h3>

Eliminated from the pools this evening, Algeria experienced the ninth elimination of its history from the hens.

23:15 – Mauritania in history

Double blow for the Mauritanians this evening! By imposing yourself face à Algeria, the Mourabitounes have lost their position in the region. their first victory in a CAN but also a first qualification in the round of 16.

23:10 – The same scenario as in 2021

While she had not needing a point this evening, Algeria lost against Mauritania (1-0). The Fennecs are eliminated from the pools of the African Cup of Nations, as in 2021.

Exploit from Mauritania! By winning this evening against Algeria (1-0), the Mourabitounes qualified for the round of 16 of the CAN and eliminated the Fennecs of the CAN. egrave;s the first round.

23:00 – Less than two minutes

There are less than two minutes left. play in added time.

22:59 – The game resumes

Apr& egrave;s treatment, the match resumes.

22:58 – Niasse, the savior

Once again, the Mauritanian goalkeeper prevents Algeria from scoring. Found in the area, Mandi hits from the point but it comes up against Niasse. The ball comes back to Bounedjah who takes it again but ça passes à side. The attacker and the goalkeeper remain on the ground.

22:56 – Belaili does not get the foul

As he passed by on the side straight after a sombrero, Youcef Belaili collapsed. in contact with Camara. The ball went out six meters and the midfielder did not get a foul.

22:52 – 11 minutes additional time

End of match under tension whereù 11 minutes were spent added to the regular time of the second period.

22:51 – Niasse adds some

Belaili's cross is too long and Niasse easily catches the ball. The goalkeeper takes the opportunity to jump in front of him to save time.

22:49 – Belaili claims the penalty

After a missed cross From Aït-Nouri, the ball returns to the feet of Belaili who hooks Lamine Ba before collapsing. The midfielder calls for a penalty but the referee doesn't whistle anything.

22:48 – Bentaleb mows down Ibnou Ba

Bentaleb passes the ball à Belaili but it's touchedé by the referee. Shooting by Ibnou Ba, the Algerian midfielder falls and mows down the Mauritanian in his momentum who remains on the ground.

22: 45 – The bar saves Algeria!

After the free kick, the ball returns to the right. Fofana. In the area, the attacker crosses hard for Ba who takes the flat foot. The midfielder smashes the crossbar.

22:44 – Gassama touché

À the fight in the air with Youcef Belaili, Omare Gassama remains on the ground, touched; in the face. 

22:43 – Kamara close to perfect entry

For his first ball, Kamara triedé his chance with his right foot but it was pushed away. by Mandrea then Tougai.

22:42 – Atal comes out

For the last ten&amp In just a few minutes, Youcef Atal gave up his place &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;ndash; Kevin Van Den Kerkhof. For Mauritania, Camara, Kamara and Ba come into play. 

22:38 – Fresh break< /h3>

While Slimani doesn't take off, the two teams return to the benches to cool off.

22:37 – Yellow card for Slimani

After a Mauritanian foul, Islam Slimani claims a penalty. He finally received a yellow card for protest.


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