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When Brigitte Macron wants Didier Deschamps to select a Japanese player

Funny scene between Brigitte Macron and Didier Deschamps at the Reims University Hospital.

We know that Emmanuel Macron is an unconditional fan. of sport and particularly football since he is a supporter of the Olympique de Marseille. The latter does not hide it, as we saw during his presidential campaign or when he asked for a presidential election. &agrav; Kylian Mbappé to sign à l'OM.

His wife, Brigitte Macron, who must still follow the results and performances of the French national teams, does not seem forcedç eacute;ment êbe à comfortable with football. During a visit to the Reims University Hospital this Tuesday, January 23 as part of an operation for yellow coins, the First Lady had a & He has an astonishing exchange with Didier Deschamps, asking him to select a player from the Reims club who is not even of French nationality. French. 

"I don'have no players & Reims, but I look at the team like all the other French and foreign clubs. “That’s very well what’s happening here,” replied Didier Deschamps, before being cut off. by Brigitte Macron :"There is a Japanese who plays very well & Reims! What's his name already?" The journalists present whispered the name of Junya Ito and the first lady bounced back. Yes, Ito is ça. He is very good, continues Brigitte Macron before turning to the coach of the France team. We must select him in the Didier team! Why don't you take it?" "Well because'he's Japanese" Didier Deschamps responds with a laugh.

Teilor Stone

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