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Garages recommend not Never fill the fuel tank to the brim - your safety is at stake

In addition to being useless, this practice is not without risks.

At the pump In essence, there are the anxious (many) who scrutinize worriedly the amount displayed, those who are looking for an absolutely rounded score and the trigger-happy who, for nothing in the world, would not let the slightest drop go unnoticed. #39;escape from the tank. The practice is tempting, especially with soaring fuel prices, of not leaving a drop of fuel and thus hoping to "scratch" a few kilometers of additional autonomy.

However, this is a serious error, which can have consequences on the condition of your car, on your safety and on your safety. and that of other users. It is not for nothing that water pumps petrol are equipped with a famous blocking system, the "click" characteristic you hear when the tank is full. He is all about it. It is possible to press the trigger again (until another click and so on), but you should be aware that all the added liquid will be added to the trigger. after the first "click" of the gun will be used more for water the roadway only power your car's engine.

Wanting to force this system is not without risks. "After the click, you have to stop filling to have a buffer zone and prevent it from overflowing," underlines the manager of a Norauto workshop near Rennes, when interviewed. ; by Ouest-France. The risks are not trivial, underlines the expert, since excess fuel can spill onto the road, particularly on bends." Did you know ? Your vehicle is also equipped with of a fuel vacuum system. "Excess fuel is evacuated via a chute, located under the filler cap, above the rear wheel, and can therefore flow onto this wheel,” explains this same expert.

Imagine then the fuel will flow onto the wheel. In addition to cleaning in large waters, you risk an accident because the grip will then be much more precarious. The precious fuel will finally end up on the road, making it immediately slippery. The danger can then be significant, particularly for two wheels. Do not overfill; Brimming at cost is therefore above all “a question of security”. “, insists the Norauto mechanic. You unwittingly risk endangering the lives of others. Neither a source of economy (on the contrary!) and dangerous, filling your tank up to the limit there is absolutely no point in excess. Think about that the next time you go to a restaurant. the pump!

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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