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The magic button of the new Tiguan

Revealed this Tuesday at Paris, the third opus of the compact SUV from the German brand stands out with an increasingly high-end interior.

Nothing looks like it anymore. an SUV than an…SUV. The new Volkswagen Tiguan, revealed this Tuesday morning at just a stone's throw from the Montparnasse Tower, don't escape the hassle. the rule. If its silhouette has become somewhat rounded, the best-selling compact SUV from the German brand has not been improved. designed to revolutionize the design of these family vehicles, widely acclaimed by motorists for several years. So it’s not up to you. outside that we must look there. where the third generation Tiguan will stand out from the competition, start, if we compare it to the French models, with the new Peugeot 3008 and Renault Scenic also revealed in September, or with the young Renault Austral, its direct competitor in the French manufacturer.

The magic button of the new Tiguan< /p> © Régis Aumont/Linternaute

To win the game of differences, it is better to open the doors of the Tiguan, which we had the chance to do at the end of the year. the occasion of this "reveal". And there, it is clear that we immediately enter another dimension. In addition to quality materials that adorn the passenger compartment, the dedicated screen à Infotainment is the first thing that catches your eye once installed. behind the wheel. 15 inches on the high-end finish of the model on display. (12.9 on other finishes), this large anti-reflective panoramic panel immediately attracts the eye with the space it occupies on the dashboard, all the more so since his position has been enhanced compared to the restyled version of the Tiguan II of 2020. Weak point on the previous model rebuilt in 2020. reaching the ears of the manufacturer, the ergonomics of the intelligent and connected instruments of the fourth generation system are announced as more intuitive by the manufacturer.

Heated and massaging seats like on the Touareg

In front of the driver's eyes, the digital meter, called Digital Cockpit at Volkswagen, measuring him 10.25 inches. It provides the classic information functions for the pilot but, and this is where it's at. A real plus, a new head-up display system (optional) projects important information directly onto the SUV's windshield. Taking advantage of the abandonment of manual gearboxes on the new Tiguan, Volkswagen has migrated the transmission selector from the center console to a control lever (commodo) with self-intuitive operation, located next to the central console. à right of the steering wheel. Just push it to "D" to move forward, pull it to "R" to move backwards while pressing on the side of the lever activates the parking brake.

The magic button of the new Tiguan

© Régis Aumont/The Internet user

The space left vacant on the center console now accommodates a large rotary button with a mini OLED screen. It serves as a handy shortcut to adjust the sound volume, select the driving style (eco, normal, sport…) or choose one of the four interior lighting moods ( Lounge, Energetic, Joy, Minimal). A simple press of the button takes you from one menu to another. the other. In this high-end interior, the driver and his front passenger are particularly pampered. Already Inaugurated on the Touareg, the Premium SUV from Volkswagen, the ergoActive Plus front seats (optional) are massaging (with 10 pressure points) and can be heated, or ventilated, with a possible automatic programming depending on the outside temperature.

The magic button of the new Tiguan


Thanks to; a new upgrade in its interior, for the best of the “driving experience” as manufacturers like to call it, the new Tiguan still remains a step above the French SUVs. If he obviously does not aspire to compete with the 3008 or the Austral on the market. hexagonal, one of the best-sellers of the German brand, sold at more than 7.6 million copies worldwide since its birth in 2007, hopes to grab a few more market shares. in France and remain a reference in North America and China.

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