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Meta will delete all Oculus VR accounts... here's how to migrate yours!

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Remember, in October 2020, the Facebook group announced the need to log in with a Facebook account to use Oculus VR headsets. It was in 2014 that the American group bought Oculus VR, for a whopping $2 billion. Since 2022, Meta has allowed users to create a Meta account, to prevent anyone who does not want to from linking their Facebook account.

Oculus VR accounts will disappear (permanently) at the end of the month

At the time, Meta had decided to leave a form of reprieve for Oculus accounts, with a deadline set at the end of 2023. And if Oculus accounts are still active today, their definitive suppression is only a matter of days.

Indeed, in yet another email sent to its users, Meta confirmed the deletion of all Oculus accounts as of March 29. After this date, it will be impossible to activate your account and/or recover applications and other in-app purchases. unless of course users have migrated to a Meta account.

Meta will delete all Oculus VR accounts... here's how to migrate yours!

© Meta

Remember that since January 2023, it has been impossible to connect to your Oculus account. In all likelihood, few users should be impacted by the deletion of Oculus VR accounts at the end of the month, the latter having probably abandoned VR for more than a year.

Always it is appropriate, because you never know, to “secure” your old Oculus VR account if this has not already been done. For this, Oculus has put online a page dedicated to this migration to Meta. By migrating their account, the user will be able to maintain access to it (for a future Meta VR headset for example), but also keep their games and other recorded data.

Remember that Meta has been deploying its energy (and a few billion dollars) for several years now to bring VR to the forefront. In addition to the Metaverse, which never really took off, the company is also in charge of the Meta Quest headsets, the third generation of which was launched at the end of last year.

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