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Microsoft and Mattel launch a build-your-own Xbox: everything you need to know


Even though the news is not good at Microsoft, with recent studio closures on the Xbox side, Mattel recently launched a new toy related to it&# 8230; with the Xbox 360. Launched in the mid-2000s, Microsoft's console then stood up to Sony's PS3, a time during which Microsoft looked after its players, and in particular the Japanese market (unfortunately in vain), with RPGs, shoot’em up… There were even games historically exclusive to PlayStation, then exclusive to Xbox 360, like Ace Combat or Ridge Racer. Just imagine.

What is this new MEGA Xbox 360 to build??

Also, a little less than 20 years later, it is through its MEGA range that Mattel wishes to tickle the nostalgic fiber of gamers. Like the timeless LEGOs (you have seen this Lord of the Rings set?), Mattel's MEGA brand focuses on construction toys, and already offers a vast range of products, aimed to stimulate children's imagination and encourage collaborative play.

Microsoft and Mattel launch a build-your-own Xbox: everything you need to know

© Mattel

For the past few days, a MEGA Xbox 360 kit has been available. The console and its controller are represented at 3:4 scale. They are fully modular and have integrated LED effects. The Halo 3 game box is also part of the party, with the replica of the game disc to be inserted into the player to activate the light effects. Something that will not be possible on Xbox Series

For Delphine SOCHON, Marketing Director of Mattel France: “Our ambition is to develop innovative and unique products for adult fans. This global partnership between Microsoft and MEGA is part of this approach and makes it possible to offer consumers a unique building experience around the iconic Xbox 360 game console.

Microsoft and Mattel launch a build-your-own Xbox: everything you need to know

© Mattel

This is obviously the first generation of Xbox 360, the Microsoft console having subsequently been available in several so-called “Slim” versions. The end of its production was announced on April 20, 2016, and the Xbox 360 has more than 85.8 million sales. It remains (by far) the most popular generation of Xbox.

Price and availability

This Xbox 360 pack signed MEGA is priced at 149.99 euros. Consisting of a total of 1,342 bricks and pieces, this kit is a real challenge for anyone who knew the Microsoft console at the time… and who will undoubtedly take a certain pleasure in recreating it with their children.

A form of generational transmission, which we regularly discuss through our PasTech section regarding objects that have made the history of “ tech”, but also our Re:Play section, which looks back on the video games of our childhood.

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