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You order on Uber Eats ? Prepare for a lot of changes

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Uber announced, during its annual GO-GET conference, a series of new features that should transform the experience of users of its services. Among the main announcements are innovations specifically targeting students, seniors, and regular Uber Eats users. Overview of the main new features unveiled on May 15, 2024.

Uber Shuttle shuttle service for economical trips

Known first for its transportation services, Uber has unveiled a new feature called Uber Shuttle. Currently only available in the United States, this new offer allows to reserve places in local shuttles.

Intended to connect busy places such as airports, concert halls or tourist places, Uber Shuttle promises to < strong>reduce transportation costs by more than half compared to traditional Uber trips. Once the reservation is made, the user receives a ticket in the form of a QR code to present to the driver.

This service is still in the development phase, with Uber negotiating partnerships on a case-by-case basis, notably with Hard Rock Stadium in Miami and certain major sporting events and concerts. The company is in discussions with airports and local authorities to offer this service more widely around the world.

A new subscription for students

Uber also announced the arrival of a subscription specially designed for students . Called Uber One for Students, this program is available from today in France and in other countries. For 4.99 euros per month, students can benefit from significant discounts on Uber trips as well as Uber Eats deliveries.

In addition to the classic benefits of&# 8217;Uber One, such as free delivery and discounts, students will have access to special offersand free products in certain stores like Starbucks and Domino's. Students will of course have to prove their status to benefit from these advantages.

Uber Eats: new lists of recommendations

On the side of the meal delivery application Uber Eats, a new one feature has been introduced: recommendation lists. Users will now be able to create and share lists based on their tastes, their favorites, and the cities visited. This feature is expected to roll out quickly in France and other countries, allowing users to discover and share new places and dishes with their friends. loved ones.

Uber Caregiver to take care of your loved ones

Finally, Uber announced Uber Caregiver, a new feature associated with the Uber Health service, currently limited to the United States. This service allows loved ones of people who are sick or in need of care to help them by purchasing medical supplies or booking rides for them.

This feature includes a three-way chat allowing to chat with loved ones, driver or delivery person. According to Swathi Bhat, head of Uber Health, this service aims to “ take care of the ones you love”, by minimizing personal expenses through eligible benefits for loved ones.

With these announcements, Uber shows its desire to diversify its services and meet the specific needs of different segments of its customers. These new features are part of a broader strategy aimed at making Uber a multi-service platform.

  • Uber has announced a slew of new features across all of its services
  • In France a student offer is coming for Uber users ;Uber Eats
  • Uber also launches Shuttle and Caregiver, two other services currently reserved for the United States

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