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Microsoft will release the perfect tool to solve the biggest problem with PDFs

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This is a problem that we can all face in a professional or personal setting. When faced with a non-editable PDF, it is common to use software tools or online services that allow you to modify these documents. Except that these do not always give satisfactory results, to put it mildly.

Microsoft will perhaps solve this problem thanks to a new technology that its teams are working on. This project was detailed in the article: “Method and System of Generating an Editable Document from a Non-Editable Document”. The promise behind this innovation is simple, but extremely promising: the Redmond firm will preserve all aspects of your document (fonts, layouts, colors, etc.) while letting you make changes.

How it works ?

Concretely, Microsoft will use an AI which will allow it to identify and map the arrangement of the elements of the document (texts, images, or even tables). It will also be able to recognize fonts and colors and will ensure that the layout remains unchanged.

In its presentation, the Tech giant also promises that this new type of PDF can be resized without losing its structural integrity, which also marks great progress.

Small downside however, and as our colleagues from Techradar rightly point out, this technology could present a risk. We know that many companies and organizations use PDFs to protect the content of their documents. We can therefore imagine that this innovation will make them a little more vulnerable.

To find out more about this feat carried out by the Microsoft teams, you can read this research paper here. Note that large technology companies are active in the field of integrating AI into their software suites. Like Google, which will allow you to use Gemini in your PDFs.

What do you think of this new technology, and would you be likely to use it once it is launched?? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

What you need to remember:

  • Microsoft has just unveiled a very promising innovation
  • It allows you to modify a non-editable PDF while keeping the aspects of your document intact (fonts, layouts, colors, etc.)
  • This would be a major change in this area

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