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Microsoft would have a plan to make you forget about MacBooks

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In 2020, Apple began transitioning its Macs from Intel processors to Apple Silicon processors, which it designs itself and which are based on Arm architectures (like the iPhone and iPad chips). Thanks to this transition, the Cupertino company is able to offer more efficient machines, with more autonomy, which have overshadowed Windows machines.

But this year, Microsoft plans to take its revenge, thanks to a new chip developed by Qualcomm: the Snapdragon X Elite. As a reminder, this new component was unveiled by Qualcomm in 2023, and is presented as the first Arm chip for Windows capable of competing with Apple Silicon chips for Macs.

At the moment, no machine using the Snapdragon X Elite chip is available on the market. But, according to an article from The Verge, Microsoft plans to begin hostilities during an event scheduled for May 20.

Microsoft plans to hit hard

The Redmond firm would take advantage of this event to present the general public versions of its Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6, which would use the Snapdragon X Elite processor. To demonstrate that these machines have nothing to envy of Apple products, Microsoft is planning demonstrations showing that the Snapdragon 'emulation.

Indeed, for a machine running an Arm processor to be practical, it must be able to run software coded for Intel processors, via an emulation system. On Macs with an Apple Silicon chip, this function is provided by Rosetta 2. And Microsoft would like to demonstrate that PCs running Snapdragon X Elite have a more efficient emulation capacity than Macs.

< p>Finally, Microsoft would also plan to take advantage of the Snapdragon X Elite's AI capabilities, by offering certain Windows features exclusive to machines using this component.

A more affordable version in the pipeline?

In any case, while the machines running Snapdragon still available, rumors are already circulating about another processor which would be called Snapdragon X Plus. It would be a component quite similar to the Snapdragon X Elite, but with lower performance.

  • In 2023, Qualcomm presented the Snapdragon to allow Windows to exceed the performance of Macs
  • The firm would soon present new Surface laptops that use the Snapdragon X Elite
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