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Mistral: AI made in France challenges Google, Meta and OpenAI with a torrent link

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The race for artificial intelligence is intensifying. Indeed, this week, Google, Meta and OpenAI made important announcements regarding their artificial intelligence models. But France is not left out since, following these announcements, the French laboratory Mistral launched its new Mixtral 8x22B model by publishing a simple torrent link on the X platform (former Twitter).

As reported by The Guardian, during an event in London, Nick Clegg, head of international affairs at Meta, announced the release, in a few weeks, of the group's new Llama 3 AI model. A few hours later, Google published an announcement: its new model, Gemini 1.5 Pro, is now available in preview for developers and businesses. As for OpenAI, it announced a new version of GPT-4 Turbo.

The French startup Mistral, which is one of the most promising players in the field of Generative AI, was less talkative. Instead of publishing a real announcement, or expanding on the comparisons, it simply published a magnet link on X. As a reminder, magnet links are links that are opened on software such as BitTorrent, to download a file. And the link that Mistral shared allows you to download a brand new model: Mixtral 8x22B.

Mistral offers a new, more powerful AI

As our colleagues from Zdnet explain, compared to the broad Mixtral 8x7B language model, Mixtral 8x22B benefits from numerous improvements. The latter has a pop-up window of 65,000 tokens, an indicator which gives an idea of ​​the length of texts that can be included in the prompts sent to the AI. Additionally, Mixtral 8x22B has a parameter size of up to 176 billion. This second indicator makes it possible to measure the number of variables that the AI ​​uses. The link that Mistral shared on X allows you to download a 281 GB file to use its new model. Indeed, Mistral has chosen an open approach and therefore allows developers to use and modify this model for free.

In any case, with this publication, Mistral indicates that 'he is indeed in the race for AI, against OpenAI and the tech giants.

  • While Google, Meta and OpenAI have just made important announcements, the French startup Mistral, specializing in generative AI, is publishing a magnet link on to use torrent technology to download its new model: Mixtral 8x22B
  • This new model is capable of processing longer prompts, and also has a number of higher settings

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