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Fallout: is the new Prime Video series worth the detour ?

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After several years of waiting, it's the big day! The Fallout series has just been released on Prime Video. This is the new big series from the Amazon streaming platform and for the occasion, the heavy artillery has been brought out.

Thus, Prime Video is tackling one of the biggest video games with the series Fallout. If you like dystopias, video games and science fiction, this new original production should please you. We watched the first episode of Fallout. We skip or we mate ?

An adaptation to the height

Adapting a work, on the small or big screen, is quite an art. More than one director has failed at this exercise, but nothing scares Prime Video. The streaming platform has already taken risks with the series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, which has nonetheless won over aficionados of the universe by Tolkien.

We feel that Prime Video was keen to offer an adaptation worthy of the name to its subscribers. On the menu ? Remarkable special effects and sets, careful aesthetics faithful to the video game, convincing actors, interesting characters and a storyline that makes us want to know more. Good news: all episodes of Fallout are available on Prime Video. Usually, subscribers need to be patient. But we imagine that the streaming platform wanted to put all the chances on its side.

But what is the series Fallout< about /em> ? Before that, let's take a quick look at the video game saga. It is an RPG launched in 1997. The license immerses us in a uchronia taking place in the 22nd and 23rd centuries. After a devastating nuclear war, there is little left of civilization… But a privileged few were able to find refuge in underground anti-atomic shelters. Here's the bulk of the pitch.

What about the series Fallout ? It takes the essential elements of the license, but offers us a new story: 200 years after the apocalypse, Lucy must leave her luxurious fallout shelter to hope to find his father. But she is far from ready for the world that awaits her, on the surface. The series also focuses on other characters, such as Maximus within the Brotherhood of Steel.

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Although the first episode of Fallout is exceptional, it lays the foundations and has the merit of capturing all our attention. The series is sure to thrill fans of dystopia and retrofuturism. But not sure that it is at the level of what Prime Video would have liked. All you have to do is form your own opinion. One thing is certain: the series is likely to be talked about in the coming days.

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