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Postal workers prefer this activity to mail delivery

To try to compensate for the clear loss of speed in its activity; mail delivery, La Poste plans to massively develop this new service within ten years. come.

Traditional mail &agrav; the punishment. In 15 years, three times fewer letters have been sent. sent. Currently, 17% of La Poste's turnover comes from mail, whereas it represented 70% in 1990. Worse , this level should fall further in the months à come to reach 15% à the end of the year 2024. An observation which has pushed La Poste has reinvented itself and found new financing solutions by exploring other markets. 

"The peak in volume, in number of letters, was in 2008 with 18 billion letters. Last year, we delivered many products. six billion letters and in our projections, we will still be around three billion letters à the end of the decade" indicated Philippe Dorge, deputy general director of La Poste & France Info last January. So, to become less dependent on your activity; of mail, La Poste must now innovate. Voilaà why, she goes, little à small, devote oneself à a whole new activity. 

This is the delivery of meals to your home. residence. This new feature will be an integral part of La Poste‚Äôs strategy for the next decade. If the group is today worn; through the delivery of parcels and financial services with the Postal Bank, its general director Philippe Wahl regretted this Wednesday, April 10, during his hearing by the Finance Committee of the Senate the dé ;eacute;gringolade of his activity; of mail in less than 25 years.

So, could meal delivery allow à La Poste gets back into action ? Today, La Poste delivers more than 15,000 meals per day. And in 2023, the group delivered. 5 millions. Starting this year, he intends to double the turnover from this new activity. À By 2025, no less than 65,000 factors will be responsible for of meal delivery as an activity main. As shown by France Info, "this service is providedé in partnership with municipal social action centers (CCAS), hospitals and specialized restaurateurs. The operation is mainly oriented towards seniors. 

"Our model is mutualization. To have postmen who deliver to you both Colissimo and, in addition and in a complementary way, new local services. It is this model of multi-activity, multi-professions which will make the future of the postman profession" assures Philippe Dorge in the columns of France Info. If the Court of Auditors welcomed the reforms undertaken by La Poste in a report published last May, it does not yet constitute, for it, “a lasting solution”.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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