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Montpellier - OM: winning streak interrupted for Marseille at La Mosson, match summary

Montpellier and OM parted ways in a draw this Wednesday, December 20, 2019. on the occasion of the 17th day of Ligue 1 (1-1). Consequently, Marseille's series of four victories comes to an end.

Montpellier - OM: winning streak interrupted for Marseille at La Mosson, match summary

Montpellier 1: 1

Montpellier - OM: winning streak interrupted for Marseille at La Mosson, match summary

OM Live

End of series for OM who concede a draw at OM Montpellier (1-1). In the first period, the first big thrill is for Marseille. Fayad is very close to taking a perfect cross from Tchato but the midfielder cannot control the ball. Behind the Marseille defense and Pau Lopez come together to avoid starting the match a goal behind (5th). But ten minutes later, Fayad made up for it by breaking the score with a combination from a corner. Estève diverts to the near post for the Montpellier midfielder who was lurking at the second to push the ball into the back of the net (14th). Before the break, while OM was dominating, Balerdi made a big error on the restart but Akor Adams was unable to recover. punish the Argentinian's clumsiness (40th). Returning from the locker room, OM continued their momentum and saw their domination rewarded with an unstoppable header from Veretout (51st). After this goal, the game becomes more and more conflicted. and is, on top of that, interrupted after fireworks explode above one of the Mosson stands (79th). The game was then interrupted for more than four minutes, much to the chagrin of the Montpellier staff and Teiji Savanier. After this interruption, the opportunities will be lacking and the draw will be rather logical for these two teams who were tired at the end for the year 2023. The Phocéens conclude this year with sixth place while Montpellier is ahead; 12th place. 

23:05 – "There was a lot of fatigue", admits Harit

The former FC Nantes midfielder admitted, à the exit of this Montpellier – OM, that the Marseille legs were heavy: "It took us a while to get there; to get into the match but we conceded; few chances in the first half. We haven't been there yet. quite fair in the last 30 meters. But there was a lot of fatigue after this long sequence of matches. Now we're going to rest to recover some energy."

23:00 – "We take this point with pleasure", assures Chotard

The Hérault midfielder deliveredé his first impressions at the PrimeVideo microphone after the draw between Montpellier and OM: "We had a good match. We implemented what we had worked on; with a middle block and counters. But we lack efficiency. and we take this point with pleasure because OM was doing well at the moment."

Thomas Leonard whistles the end of this Montpellier – OMG! The Héraultais and the Marseillais part on a parity score. 

22:51 – Clauss touch&amp ;eacute; to the face (90+3')

The French international received a blow to the face from Falaye Sacko and slowly got up. There will be a little more than four minutes left in this Montpellier – OM. 

22:48 – Seven more minutes (90' )

After the interruption due to fireworks going off in one of the Mosson stands, the additional time of this Montpellier – OM is a minimum of seven minutes. 

22:47 – Vitinha touchedé &agrav; a painful place (90')

The Portuguese is on the ground after a bullet received in the private parts à point blank on a powerful strike from Joris Chotard. 

Benjamin Lecomte had, it seems, seen everything because he let Balerdi's lobbed header finish its course on his crossbar. A lot can still happen in this Montpellier – OM. 

22:44 – Gigot gives up his place (86')

The Marseille captain, sanctioned of a yellow card in this Montpellier – OM, is replaced; by Bamo Meïté for the last minutes of the meeting. 

22:43 – Balerdi inspiredé (86')

The former Borussia Dortmund defender intervenes with great authority; in the feet of Yeboah. 

22:40 – Coulibaly misses his header (83')

Savanier manages to overflow into the left and center corridor towards Coulibaly who is alone. Despite all, he can't adjust his header which ends up in the gloves of Pau Lopez. 

22: 40 – The game resumes (82')

After a few minutes of interruption, this Montpellier – OM can finally resume. Time for the game!

22:38 – Astonishment grips the Montpellier staff (81')

The attitude of these pseudo-supporters makes Teiji Savanier and Michel Der Zakarian mad with anger, who head towards the stand in question. The game has been interrupted for more than three minutes now in this Montpellier – OM. 

22:36 – Des feus fireworks (79')

The Montpelliérain public is no longer at home; his first attempt. The supporters set off fireworks to the great displeasure of the Montpellier staff and Teiji Savanier who urged his audience to do their part. stop. Another sad image à la Mosson. 

22:34 – Coulibaly's first brilliance (77')

The latest Montpellier recruit mystifies Balerdi with a small bridge leg pass. Unfortunately for the trained player; at PSG his center then finds no takers. 

22:31 – Two more changes (74')

The MHSC coach changes his attacking duo with the releases of Adams and Al-Tamari. Coulibaly and Yeboah make their entrance. La Mosson does not seem very satisfied with Michel Der Zakarian's choices. 

22:29 – A double change for l'OM (71')

Ten minutes after the Montpellier double change, Gennaro Gattuso imitated his HĂ©rault counterpart with the entries of Vitinha and Harit. the place of Ounahi and Ndiaye. 

22:28 – Lots of tension (70')

Each decision has been contested and commented on and off the pitch since the start of this Montpellier – OM. The refereeing body is particularly under pressure. every whistle. 

22:24 – Murillo takes his chance (66')

Panama takes advantage of Clauss' full-line call to shoot from 25 meters but his shot is too crushed to worry ;ter Benjamin Lecomte. 

What a very daring attempt by Savanier. On the side straight with his right foot, the MHSC captain worries Pau Lopez who has to deflect for a corner. 

22:21 – Balerdi makes a mistake (63')

The Argentinian makes a mistake which will expose his team. He lets his hand drag in Al-Tamari's face and offers an off-centre free kick. to the Héraultais in this Montpellier – OM. 

22:18 – A double change (61')< /h3>

Shortly after the hour mark in this Montpellier – OM, Michel Der Zakarian made his first two changes. Fayad and Mincarelli give up their place to Ferri and Sacko.

22:17 – Movement in the stands (60')

Tension is present everywhere in this Montpellier – OM. There are some on the pitch but also in the stands where there are many players. çhas heated up. The stewards intervene. Nothing to interrupt the game for the moment. 

22:15 – Al-Tamari requests the penalty (57 ')

The situation is very contentious! Al-Tamari collapsed in the area after contact with Kondogbia but Thomas Leonard did not flinch. VAR does not intervene and the game resumes. 

22:13 – Gigot écopes with a yellow (56')

Thomas Leonard takes out the second yellow card for this Montpellier – OM after a very muscular intervention. by Samuel Gigot on Akor Adams. 


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