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PSG - Metz - LIVE: Mbappé spoils Paris with a double, the match summary

SOCCER. Genên&eac; For 45 minutes, Paris Saint-Germain waited for the second act to shatter the Metz block (3-1). For his 25th birthday, Mbappé offered himself a doubleé between class and malice.

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PSG - Metz - LIVE: Mbappé spoils Paris with a double, the match summary

Metz Live

23:40 – Good night

Thank you à all and &agrav; everyone for following us for this match on the 17th day of Ligue 1 between Paris Saint-Germain and Metz. See you in 2024 for the rest of the French football championship.

PSG - Metz - LIVE: Mbappé spoils Paris with a double, the match summary

Some people are given gifts and others prefer to give them themselves. This is the case of Kylian Mbappé who on his 25th birthday got carried away a nice double face &agrav; Metz to allow Paris Saint-Germain to sign their 12th victory of the season and maintain their five-point lead at the top of Ligue 1. At first little in sight like the rest of his team, the French international waited until the hour mark to remind him of the scorer that he is. Moments after missing a strike in a similar position, he received a ball near the left corner of the Metz area. Taking advantage of Nduquidi's very loose marking, he visualized his target and unleashed a dry shot with the right. It took off and dove again almost as quickly to come close to the bottom of Oukidja's crossbar before coming to shake the nets. A little gem that owed nothing other than to its creators. his talent, to the great delight of the Parc des Princes, who had whistled; his &agrav; the face &agrave break; poverty of the proposed show.

And like Mbappé likes to do things well, he was not satisfied with of this lightning in a cool December evening. No, the top scorer in PSG history sealed the victory. the victory of his people by showing great opportunism. On a long clearance from his goalkeeper, Van den Kerkhof put the ball into difficulty. Nduquidi with his discount. The young Lorraine defender then chose to play it safe. while looking for his goalkeeper behind. Sensing the right move, Mbappé appeared like a predator, stole the ball before going around the last opposing wall to finish in the empty goal. A nice gift from the Lorraine rearguard who had not given anything to them. during the first 45 minutes.

It must be said that the plan concoctedé by Laszlo Bölöni had worked perfectly; during the first act. Regrouped in its last 30 meters, its team was compact, closing the smallest spaces and offering no space for possible Parisian races. Better, she operated on the counter, relying on the speed of Van den Kerkhof but lacked the offensive weight to really prove dangerous. All this work was reduced to nothing. nothing just five minutes after returning from the locker room. Repositioned on the right wing, Lee curled in a cross that Vitinha cut into the heart of the area. Behind, Metz dû discovered himself and was caught by Mbapp&eac;. Certainly Udol reduced the gap with a nice cross header from a corner but that was not enough for the scorer. derail Parisian mechanics.

Without suffering but without really convincing, PSG closes 2023 on a good note with the feeling of duty accomplished and will be able to spend wonderful end-of-year holidays at top of the Championship. A party that Mbapp&eac; has already well started with a double therefore but also an unexpected gift from Luis Enrique, who gaveé his first professional minutes to the little brother of the Parisian star, Ethan, who will be 17 in 9 days. A successful birthday for the 2018 world champion.

23:15 – PSG keeps its margin

Thanks to à Following its success, Paris Saint-Germain ends the year 2023 with a total of 40 points after 17 days. He is five points ahead of Nice, who won the match. this evening against Lens (2-0), and seven against AS Monaco, also victorious on the pitch in Toulouse (1-2). At the other end in the ranking, Clermont is bottom with 11 pts and is accompaniedé in the relegation zone by Lorient (12 pts).

23:04 – Lee's reaction

"We knew it would be a difficult match but I think we were able to find the right solutions and we scored three goals& quot;, is congratulated, at the microphone of Canal+, Lee Kang-In, precious when he wasé replaced &agrav; right of the Parisian attack at the start of the second period and author of the decisive pass on Vitinha's opening score.

Without shining but worn by a double of Mbappé, Paris Saint-Germain concludes the year 2023 with a success &agrave; home against Metz (3-1). After searching for its pace in the first period, PSG quickly found its way into the lead. the fault when returning from the locker room and breaking the Metin lock thanks to à Vitinha before Mbappé doesn't take care of the rest. With a neat shot, he brought the Parc des Princes to their feet before showing himself to be a trickster by intercepting a back pass from Nduquidi and bypassing Oukidja to seal the score. Udol's goal from a corner to allow à Metz to return à 1-2 was anecdotal. 

22:53 – Great opportunity for Gonçalo Ramos

C& ocirc;t&eac; right, Vitinha hits and slides a well-felt ball into the area for Gonçalo Ramos. Alone, the former Benfica man rushes and strikes from the left. right of Oukidja's post.

22:50 – Professional debut for Mbappé

In added time, Luis Enrique offers his first professional goal. Ethan Mbapp, Kylian's younger brother, not yet 17 (he will be in 9 days, editor's note). The latter enters &agrav; Ugarte Square. At the same time, Soler made his appearance at the Barcola relay, when Gonçalo Ramos replaced Lee.

22: 50 – Additional time: 5 minutes

There will be five minutes of additional time in this match between Paris Saint-Germain and Metz.

22:49 – Last change Metz

Just before the end of regular time, Bö löni makes his last substitution. Jallow comes into play à the place of Jean Jacques.

22:44 – The Barcola center finds no one

Side left, Barcola makes the difference in speed and at the end of the race center to left; level with the ground. His ball passes between the legs of a defender and escapes. another, passing in front of the goal before Udol cleans up in front of Lee.

22:44 – San& oacute; misses his control

N'Doram plays over the top in the axis of the Parisian area for Sané but the new entrant lacks accuracy in his control to cushion the ball. PSG is moving forward again;

On a clearance from Oukidja, Van den Kerkhof wins his aerial duel but plays back for Nduquidi. His pass is average and forces the young Messin à play for his goalkeeper. In the axis, Mbappé has flair&eac; the shot and emerges to recover the offering, bypass the Lorraine goalkeeper and score his second goal of the evening at home. the 83rd minute.

22:40 – Mbappé signal offside

Mbappé tries to escape Messina vigilance by leaving behind his back à right but the flag goes up.

22:39 – The corner does nothing

Hit from the right, the Parisian corner is not well exploited; and at the far post Oukidja grabbed it with both hands.

The Metz corner gives nothing and turns into a counterattack for PSG. The ball quickly rose again. and given in front of the surface &agrav; Mbappé. The latter plays for himself but his shot from the inside of the right is deflected. At the far post, Vitinha rushes but sees Camara tackle in front of him and prevent him from scoring a double. tonight.

22:35 – Asensio misses his clearance

The Messins attack from the right with Van den Kerkhof. They are &agrav; four against four and the Algerian tries to refocus the game but his lateral pass is intercepted by the return of Asensio. The Spaniard, however, misses his clearance and sends the ball straight for a corner.

22:32 – Hernandez puts in corner

Elisor offers a good race à left of the area and receives the ball. He is looking for a partner in the axis but his center à ground well distilled is cut by Hernandez who clears for a corner.

On a corner hit from the side left by Nduquidi, Udol cuts at the near post and crosses his head perfectly to deceive Donnarumma with the help of the post. Everything is restarted &agrav; 20 minutes from the end of regular time.

22:29 – Double change for Metz

Just before the corner &agrav; left for his team, Bölöni makes two new substitutions with the exits of Asoro and Sabaly to give playing time to Elisor and Sané.

22:28 – Danilo still present

Van den Kerkhof once again makes the difference right and strong center &agrav; level with the ground. At the near post, Danilo cuts in accurately, while Sabaly and Asoro were lurking behind him.

22:26 – Release of Kolo Muani

Discreet once again, Kolo Muani comes out à the 67th minute for the benefit of Marco Asensio.

22:23 – First change for PSG

In the 64th minute, Luis Enrique proceeds & his first change with the exit of Skriniar for the entry into play of Hernandez.

22:22 – Mbappé above

Décalé in the left axis by Vitinha, Mbappé strikes from the right but misses the target, forgetting Barcola in the area.

22:21 – Change for Metz

Shortly after Mbappé's goal, Laszlo Bölöni does coaching with the exit of Maïga for the entry ;e de Camara.

At game time, Mbappé gives herself a nice gift for her 25th birthday. At the left corner of the Metz area, the attacker took advantage of Nduquidi's too loose marking to trigger a dry strike which ended quickly. rises before falling and hitting the bar to finish his race in the Metz goal. Mbappé's 17th achievement of the season offers the break to PSG.


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