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More bad news for children and parents who expected more academic support this year

The provision of aid for children in difficulty School training with the support of teachers, planned for this year, will not be possible as it stands.

So that children do not drop out at a later age. school and for each student to finish their school year with the necessary learning outcomes, more monitoring must be put in place. This diagnosis is shared à both by teachers, teaching professionals and by the Ministry of National Education.

And things had to go in this direction from this start of the 2023 school year, with the government's commitments: systematic and rapid replacements for short-term teacher absences, “homework done” workshops; in middle school, to help the students most in difficulty, successful internships during the holidays, but also a weekly hour of support in French and maths in 6th grade were offered. té promised.

Unfortunately for the children and for the parents, we have to make up our minds. What had been announced in recent months will not be able to happen as hoped. All this is in fact based on proposals made to teachers, with a simple principle: more missions in exchange for an increase in remuneration. A "teacher pact" was even set up to list the proposed tasks and associated bonuses. It offers teachers up to three support missions (three “units”) of 1,250 euros gross each. Enough to accumulate 3750 euros gross increase per year.

Not enough volunteer teachers

But the teachers are not really excited. An investigation carried out by the first union of heads of establishments calmed the situation. hopes: "30% of establishments do not have to at this stage no pact signed" and "54% of middle and high schools have less than 10% of pacts signed", announced Bruno Bobkiewicz, general secretary of SNPDEN-Unsa in press briefing. Which constitutes a real problem according to him. "The figures are quite staggering, we didn't expect them to increase. ça. There are obviously differences depending on the establishment, but the average rate of pact signed is is 23%.

The disappointment will be great. "This will put heads of establishments in difficulty. because announcements made to the general public which are based on the pact, such as short-term replacements or even homework done, will not be able to be made correctly if there is no volunteers,” Bruno Bobkiewicz lucidly analyzed. Furthermore, the survey reveals that in 58% of middle and high schools in France, at least one teacher was missing. back to school.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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