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Motorway prices: here is the increase as of February 1, 2024

Toll prices will increase again in 2024. This price increase, effective from from February 1, will be around 3% on average in France. The Ministry of Transport has disclosed on January 26, the news increase from the different highway companies.

A short week before the implementation of the new motorway rates, like every year in France on February 1, the Ministry of Transport published a document, Friday January 26, with the evolution of the prices of each company. highway. As previously announced, last November Clément Beaune, then deputy ministeré in Transport, the average increase in toll prices will flirt with 3% this year, quite far from that of 4.75% applied to the previous year. e in February 2023.

This new increase in prices, revalued according to inflation (3.87% over the period) and investments by dealers, is obviously yet another bad news for motorists. Because even if we are quite far from # 39;an increase of 5%, a threat brandished last year by certain motorway companies in the face of the crisis. the new tax included in the 2024 budget on long-distance transport infrastructure, including motorways, the fact remains that motorists will pay even more for their travel. s on February 1st.

All new motorway tariffs must be  approved by the public authorities before being published in the Official Journal.

What increase in toll rates in 2024 ?

Here are details of the increases in the various concessions in force at from February 1, 2024:

  • VINCI (ASF, Cofiroute and Escota): + 2.7% 
  • SANEF: + 2.79%
  • APRR: + 3.02%
  • AREA: + 3.04%
  • SAPN: + 3.08%
  • ATMB (Mont-Blanc Tunnel): + 3.23%
  • SFTFR (Fréjus Tunnel): + 3.87%

Detailed rates for each portion of the motorway must be published by the transport companies. highways on their websites and be easily accessible to motorists. 

The different classes of vehicles

There are 5 classes of vehicles, each with its own pricing. Be careful especially if you are traveling with a caravan or motorhome… Here are the details.

  • Class 1: Light vehicles
    Light vehicles are those with a total height less than or equal to 2 meters and a GVWR (total authorized weight) less than or equal to 3.5 tons. Sedans, station wagons, convertibles, minivans, 4x4s and small utility vehicles are part of this.
  • Class 2: Intermediate vehicles
    Intermediate vehicles are those with a total height greater than 2 meters and less than 3 meters and a GVWR less than or equal to 3.5 tons. Class 1 vehicles towing a caravan, motorhomes, large utility vehicles and pick-ups with habitable cells fall into this category.
  • Class 3: Heavy goods vehicles, coaches and other heavy-duty vehicles 2 axles
    These vehicles have a total height greater than or equal to 3 meters or a GVWR greater than 3.5 tonnes: heavy goods vehicles, coaches and certain motorhomes…
  • Class 4: Heavy goods vehicles, coaches and other heavy-duty vehicles 3 axles and more
    These vehicles have a total height greater than or equal to three meters or a GVW greater than 3.5 tons. Heavy goods vehicles à 3 axles and more, coaches & 3 axles and more…
  • Class 5: Motorcycles, sidecars, quadricycles…

What to do in case of pricing error ?

Most tolls are equipped with machines that detect the height of the vehicle and apply pricing accordingly. function. However, detection errors may occur when the vehicle is transporting bulky objects on a roof rack or roof box. If you realize the error when paying, you can contact an employee to help. thanks to à the intercom located at the payment terminal. Later, it is always possible to contact the company. highway manager by mail or via its website.

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