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This fruit juice is the miracle solution for removing all dirty traces from the windshield

This fruit is an excellent natural product for effectively cleaning a car windshield.

You, too, sometimes procrastinate. later certain household chores? Like washing the windows of your living room while the reflections of the sun remind you every day that they would have been good needs a good cleaning. And it's worse for the car. It must be said that it is even more painful. This often has to be done outside for the many motorists who do not have a garage or box and this requires extreme flexibility to be able to access their vehicle. every corner of the windshield. But, unlike the windows of a house where this has no real consequences, regular cleaning of the main window of a car is essential to ensure good visibility for the driver. on the road.

Especially since the windshield washer, if it helps, is not the miracle solution. It allows, with the help of the windshield wipers, to remove dirt from the vehicle. surface of the windshield but does not remove more lasting marks. Without forgetting that the inside of the glass surfaces also gets dirty, as a result of the mist that builds up in the window. #39;interior when it is humid. There are on the market many products for cleaning windows. But you have to spend several euros which you can easily save by making an effective mixture yourself. With just a piece of fruit and water, it is possible to concoct in a few seconds a solution that will rid your windshield of all the marks left by dust, earth, sand, snow, insects etc…

The fruit at the heart of this recipe is rarely eaten alone, but rather as an accompaniment to a dish or for its juice. We talk there lemon that we find at home length of year on supermarket shelves. This citrus fruit, the largest production of which takes place in India, Mexico and Argentina, has a powerful power. both degreaser, stain remover and deodorizer. Its juice is often used for cooking. in products for washing a wide variety surfaces and materials. To make your own the traditional way, fill a spray bottle with hot water and add squeezed lemon juice. Once mixed well, simply spray the liquid on the car windshield and rub it in small circles with a microfiber cloth. You don't even need to rinse, just go over it again with another cloth, dry this time.

The result is stunning as the window regains all its shine. The icing on the cake, lemon brings a smell of freshness to the car. And if ever marks quickly reappear on the windshield of your car, we can only strongly advise you to check the condition of the rubber of your blades. #39;windshield wipers. They too must be cleaned regularly, otherwise there is a risk of leaving marks on the window. each time they are activated.

Teilor Stone

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